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hi and thank you for reading...

i have 2 hard disks IDE0 (with OS winXPpro) and IDE1(IBM 100Gb).
the structure of IDE1 was :
I      85 Gb NTFS       I   13Gb NTFS       I
i wanted to install w98 on IDE1, so i used Partition Magic 8.0 to create a third partition at the beginning of that drive.
I 2Gb FAT32  I   83 Gb NTFS  I  13Gb NTFS   I

as i began the installation of w98se, he asked me if i wanted to erase the data, i said no (even i knew there was nothing on that 2Gb FAT32 partition) and then returned to XP and PM8.0.

I decided to hide the both NTFS partitions of IDE1 disk, and returned to the w98se installation, where i answered YES to the data erase question. w98se installed without any problem.

But now, i'm unable to "see" the hidden partititons, neither to "un-hide" them. Same result with PM8.0 or the windowsXP diskmgmt.msc. The only one i can see from XP or w98 is the first FAT32 partition (2Gb)

Partition magic says that the drive IDE1 is only containing ONE FAT32 partition (95Gb), diskmgmt.msc says the same, but when i right-clic on the 2Gb drive and then "properties" menue, it says that this drive is 2Gb big.

All this is very confusing to me as it is to windows maybe ;-) but i have very important work data on those hidden partitions, and i need to recover them. I tried to use GetDataBack,and after 2 hours, this program in his log file showed me that he knew about my hidden files, but after completion of the process, i'm still unable to see my files, neither the hidden partitions.

Any help will be much apreciated !!! thanks !

some pictures (sorry in french, my mother-langage):

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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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I don't know why you are messing with 3rd party disk rearrangers on systems with data you care about. The answer is, cut it out and save playtime for systems you are willing to sacrifice. Get real.

I think that the way to recover in this case is to go backwards, if possible. For each step taken, do the opposite. This of course means undoing Win98, but you've got no data there.  What you need is a real partition, the first sector of the disk, without any fudge, and real boot files, not 3rd party strangers to MS.

What you can try is MS' recovery console. Boot install CD, say Install, then repair, and try those tools to view and manage HD partitions. It has improvements over prior versions. Any questions, use XP 'help' for further elaboration.
(btw, old Win98 had old fDisk program and code that could not handle 80 GB, so most people do not partition higher than 60 GB to be safe. You need to use XP DM to partition).
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flyjodelAuthor Commented:
in fact i recovered all my data inbetween. The problem was not a problem of "hidden partition", but W98 at installation messed up my structure tables. So the figures were all very incoherent. I recovered everything using EasyrecoveryPro, after some 17 hours searching understanding and scanning.

thanks for your answer !
Always the lower version OS shoould load first, don't ever try loading over higher version Os..if u tried in other way may be u would have done wht u intend.

I never tried that and maybe this suggestion could be crap, but you might succeed by creating an image of the hidden partitions. You may use Norton Ghost for that purpose. Ghost can create "raw" images without the need to have a working fs.
Create an image of the partition containing your files and use Ghost Explorer to recover the files. Then, from my point of view it should be safe to delete the partitions and reinstall XP.
flyjodelAuthor Commented:
I've read a lot about installing w98 after XP or any NT-like system, that's not really the problem. It just didn't work , and after the installation of W98, all the partitions on the IDE1 disk disappeared except the fat32. So i coudn't ghost the hidden partitions...

anyway, the first disk IDE0 which contains XP has not been touched by th w98-demon !
Mhh. Can you install BootMagic? Perhaps that program is able to unhide the partitions during boot-up.
Anyway, not being able to unhide specific partions is very unusual.
If you can't find any solution another way, I can imagine that Linux's fdisk can unhide the partitions. Knoppix Linux can boot from CD without touching the HDD.

The last, but very, very dangerous method is to manually manipulate the HDD's partition table using a disk editor.
I believe you may have lost the entire contents of that drive...but let's try something anyway.... There is an interesting concept under eindows NT/2K/XP - dynamic disk - you can find it in one of the menus from disk management - utility that comes with windows...it may work...but i have serious doubts.
IMPORTANT!!!! Do not mess with your hdd when tou have importand data on it!!!and even mode..with 3-rd party software..
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