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I have a iBook bought in Canada last may. When I arrived in France for work I attempted to connect myself to the internet, and my intenal modem got grilled (I am thinking it is due to the different power in the phone line?). Thinking I was still under waranty, and not able to get the French Apple Service to provide me with support in hope to replace the modem, I deceided to buy an external one.
My problem is that I am now in Africa (Senegal) for work, still with an external modem, and now running on Mac OS Jaguar, for which now there is no external modem I can get.

So for short, if I buy an internal modem from France, is it going to work with my computer? is there a way for me to know if there is a problem installing a European internal modem to an american model?

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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Modems will not specifically say that they work with OS X 10.2 but if they work with OS 9, or any version of OS X, theyll work with Jaguar. They're not going to update their description of a product just because apple released a point update.

Any modem built for the iBook will work in your machine. It's just a matter of which style plug you want.
Shouldnt be any problem getting a replacement modem from a european source. The hardware is the same except for the jacks. Also, any external modem that works under 9 should also work unde OS X.
isamarieAuthor Commented:

my search for external modems did not provided me with any modems, exept one, that work on OSX jaguar. However it is only for ADSL, which is not available in Africa yet. All other external modems are for an earlier version of OS X.

My problem is not about getting the replacement internal modem from europe, but about  making sure it is compatible with my american computer.


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