a dynamic array of strings found in text

Posted on 2003-02-22
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Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I am filtering text through an array of strings.
Whenever there is a match, the matching word is set with bold tags.
So far so good.
Now I am trying to build a second array of the words that matched, and this is where I am failing.
Here is the script:

Dim target
target = Request.Form("target")
Dim X
Function order(ByVal strYourString)
redim X(UBound(X)+"learn Me!")
strYourString = Replace(strYourString, vbCrLf, "<BR>")
Dim arrItem(5)
Dim I
arrItem(0)  =   "hamburger"
arrItem(1)  =   "pickle"
arrItem(2)  =   "hot dog"
arrItem(3)  =   "onion"
arrItem(4)  =   "ketchup"

For Each I in arrItem
redim X(ubound(X) + I)
strYourString = Replace(strYourString,I,"<b>" & I & "</b> ")

order = strYourString
End Function

Thanks very much
Question by:Stephen_NYC
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Expert Comment

ID: 8000882
Well first off you are not actually adding those words to the second array.  Let's debug your code.  try to comment your code more and it might help you work it out.

'run through the first array
For Each I in arrItem
  'redimension the second array (although I do not see you populating it)
  'you don't need this unless you intend to set the variable associated with it but looking at your need for just a string at the end, get rid of it
  'redim X(ubound(X) + I)
  'currently you are just resetting this variable everytime
  'here is your old code  
  'strYourString = Replace(strYourString,I,"<b>" & I & "</b> ")
  'here is what you might be thinking - actually build a long string by concatenating the results
  strYourString = strYourString & Replace(strYourString,I,"<b>" & I & "</b> ")

Try that.  Comment, comment, comment for downstream developers.


Author Comment

ID: 8001103
thanks very much for your help.
sorry about the lack of comments
I should heven clearer: I am trying to make the matching words bold within the artticle AND create a seperate wordlist.

I re-commented the code and tried to include your suggestion but get this error:
Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'
Type mismatch: 'ubound'
here's the code:
'call the data from the form text area
Dim target
target = Request.Form("target")
'create an array to fill with matching words
Dim X

Function order(ByVal strYourString)
'replace textarea carriage returns with HTML breaks
strYourString = Replace(strYourString, vbCrLf, "<BR>")
'set array of target words to match
Dim arrItem(3)
Dim I
arrItem(0)  =   "hamburger"
arrItem(1)  =   "pickle"
arrItem(2)  =   "hot dog"
'run through the first array
For Each I in arrItem
'set the matching words in bold WITHIN the article
     strYourString = Replace(strYourString,I,"<b><u>" & I & "</u></b>  ")
'redimension the second array with matching words for a seperate wordlist
     redim X(ubound(X) + I)

     order = strYourString
     wordlist = X
End Function
<% Response.Write wordlist %>
<% Response.Write order(target)  %>
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Accepted Solution

sybe earned 200 total points
ID: 8004524
Why not use the "Filter" Function.

From VBScript HelpFile:
Returns a zero-based array containing a subset of a string array based on a specified filter criteria.

Filter(InputStrings, Value[, Include[, Compare]])

Required. One-dimensional array of strings to be searched.

Required. String to search for.

Optional. Boolean value indicating whether to return substrings that include or exclude Value. If Include is True, Filter returns the subset of the array that contains Value as a substring. If Include is False, Filter returns the subset of the array that does not contain Value as a substring.

Optional. Numeric value indicating the kind of string comparison to use. See Settings section for values.


The following example uses the Filter function to return the array containing the search criteria "Mon":

Dim MyIndex
Dim MyArray (3)
MyArray(0) = "Sunday"
MyArray(1) = "Monday"
MyArray(2) = "Tuesday"
MyIndex = Filter(MyArray, "Mon") ' MyIndex(0) contains "Monday".

Expert Comment

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