Cannot Find CD-ROM After Reinstalling Win98

Recently I had to reinstall Win98 after a system crash of some kind (don't know why), and after doing so the CD-ROM could not be found. The CMOS recognizes it, it shows up with the hard drives on startup, but it doesn't evemn exist in the device manager and the hardware wizard can't find it. It works when I install it on another computer. Even re-installing the drivers doesn't seem to work.

I'm running a Celeron 233 with 64 megs of RAM, and the CD-Rom is a mitsumi FX400E. The OS is Win98 (not SE). Any suggestions on what this might be?
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under the device manager, do u have see any yellow question mark on IDE controller devices ?
Just a suggestion, I experienced this a while ago, I found that the multimedia and modem is connected with the cd-rom. Is your multimedia working ok? Is your modem working ok,  maybe the drivers are being used by one of these devices, try either removing all of these then reboot and see if windows detects them in their correct order.Is the correct driver assigned to the cdrom.
Other wise last option is to take out the cdrom, reboot then put it back in. Windows should detect it.Hope this helps a little
I had a pc that would do the same thing every time.
In device manager,remove hard disk controllers "For the secondary ide controller" then restart.
That always done it under win98, with win95 I had to use the mfg drivers from their website.

Hope this helps

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If you don't know your mb maker this will help to determine the chipset to find out.
I think we need more detail from you to solve this issue...

But I got a way the guarantee work...
It is u try to install the DOS driver for the CDROM.
But this will not allow the CDROM to support long filename...

If need to 100% solve the whole issue u need to provide more info... for example Any Error shows in Device Manager. Does it conflict with any device ?

You also may run the command ASD ( Start -> Run -> type ASD )

You may also try sometools in System Information (msconfig32)

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