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2 DSL lines 2 router one network , possible?

Case scenario: 2 computers connected to the internet (DSL\ PPOE) through a four-port Cable/DSL Web Safe Router RP614 from linksys . (no uplink port available)

2 computers connected to the internet (DSL\ Static) through a four-port Cable/DSL Dlink DI-702 (no uplink port available)

What I want: I want that these computers are able to see themselves inside the network, however I want them to use their own internet connections

INTERNET1              INTERNET2              
          |                                  |
 Router1  -Linkhere?-   Router2
          |                                  |
CPU1-CPU2              CPU3-CPU4

Ive thought about connectin the 2 routers together but it didnt really work. Maybe a switch?

Any suggestions? Thank you

2 Solutions
What brand/model of "router" are these?   Also you did not say if these machines were in the same physical location (I will assume they are NOT).

The easiest way to do this is getting a router from Linksys or whatever that supports IPSEC VPN TUNNELS.   I am not sure if your current routers support this or not.   Anyhow what your looking for is ipsec/tunnels if these machines are not in the same physical location.

If they are in the same physical location then you could just use a hub/switch to connect the routers together.
bat_mopAuthor Commented:
Hi cairo1 thank you for u answer.. thx for the info about IPSEC VPN Tunnels.. i'm just reading about it.. very interessting..

however ther r in the same location.. which one would u recomment? switch or hub? i tried to connect the routers wiht a crossover cable but it didnt really work...

so my question is switch or hub? n should i look for smthg specific in the switch or the router (e.g special software capabilities)

if my question is still no clear please let me know.

THANK you very much.

Have you tried just connecting each router with a "normal" patch cable?  If the IP range is in the same block they should have no problems communicating with one another.

Out of curiousity why would do you have 2 separate routers for 1 location?   Are you trying to do some sort of dynamic routing/load balancing?

As for switch or hub, a hub would probably make the most sense.  Hope this helps.
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A switch would probably do the job, however, you will run into problems if your two networks are on different subnets.  In cases like this a bridge might actually do the job too.  The problem is there are two gateways (each router) and you might find yourself in a looping situation unless spanning tree is activated on the ports you connect the two networks with.  You cannot use another router because you will create another gateway.  VPN surely would be the best answer but is expensive and difficult to put together.  And from your reply I take it you are not a CCNA?

I'd recommend doing the following.

Buy a switch, connect all 4 computer to that switch.

Get a 300-400MHz computer, put three NICs in it.
Connect routers to two of the cards, create load balancing on thoose two cards.

Set a static interal IP on third NIC.

Connect third card to switch.

Set up DHCP on linux box so that the cpu1-cpu4 will be able to use dhcp. In dhcp set default gw to
Use caching DNS so you can set DNS to for client computers too.

This will solve any problem you had before.

Another way is to install 1 extra NIC in each computer, buy a switch or hub connect theese four NIC to that and create an internal subnet on thoose.

/Hans - Erik Skyttberg
bat_mopAuthor Commented:
Thanks  heskyttberg, maxxum (and no im not CCNA but going sooon for it (when i turn 18 ;), and cairo.

I will try all the suggestions and get back to you guys.

My best Regards,  
depending on your OS configurations you could put a 2nd nic in one PC on each network and set it up as a static IP on each. creating a link between the two networks.

With Windows XP you could bridge the connections.

pls. email me toredor@yahoo.com

i've been trying to reach you...have some work for you.


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