What Programming Language should I use???

I want to design a program that will create a exact image of a given partition or hard drive what language would be best to accomplish this?

I also want to design a application that runs in DOS mode that reads this image and restores the data to a blank partition. What language should I use for this???

My goal is to create a System recovery Program that will backup an entire partition or hard drive to a DVD or CD that is bootable and can completely restore the system after it crashes or if someone just wants to do a new install.

So basically a program the creates the same type of system recovery disks that ship with dell or compaq computers
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To answer your question. Typically code like this is done in C or C++.

For what its worth, it looks like you are in for a *lot* of work...

You can also accomplish this with pre-existing applications... after all what you are trying to do can already be done by combining a variety of existing tools.

Unless you are trying to put together a product to sell, I think using a drive imager (or backup software) and a decent cd burning application might  be sufficient. (Look on the net for creating bootable CDs with various software; there is a ton of good information out there)

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What is wrong with Norton Ghost?

SalviaAuthor Commented:
Norton ghost I have tried it but I cant seem to create a bootable DVD that will auto restore my system think of it as a deployment method

install 1 system the exact way you want it then back it up to dvd then goto the next system pop in the dvd reboot it walk away and come back in an hour and the system is an exact replica of the other system

can you do this with norton ghost if so let me know because I was only able to backup to dvd and then create several bootdisks I dont want to have to put 5 floppy disks in 1 after another that is slow
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I have used Ghost to build replicas of machines.  I believe you still must boot from a floppy.

Google for information on creating bootable CDs, you should be able to take the 5 floppy disks, and create a bootable cd out of them.

I'm not sure if DVDs can be bootable yet??

You'll also want to looking into product activation, and general licesensing issues with ghosted images on multiple machines. (MS OSes/Apps can choke if you try to ghost them from one machine to another. And in all cases you have to have the appropriate licenses.
SalviaAuthor Commented:
Thank you the perpose of the program is not to ghost from on pc to another, I just stated this to help give a better understanding of what I am trying to create

The purpose is a home use backup program that can create emergency restore dvd's for the novice user and those who dont want to spend 24hrs reinstalling their system

Like me for instance I reinstall my system once a month and I have gimmicked together my own way of creating a bootable dvd that I insert click GO and come back in 1-2 hours and it is fully back to they origional installation

And yes DVD's are bootable

My goal is to produce a product that makes this streamline and easy for the computer novice to accomplish like my mom for instance she does not own a HP or compaq so everytime her system crashes I have to reinstall her system for her but if she was able to make her own system recovery disk like those supplied by HP or Compaq she would be at ease when her system crashed.
Try C.. and a bit of assembly .. t
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