SOHO Sonicwall at Terminal Services

I'm trying to setup Terminal Services through a SOHO firewall.  I setup a service named "Terminal Services" on TCP Port 3389  I then setup a rule with the following attributes:
1. Allow
2. Service name "Terminal Services"
3. Source = WAN
4. Destination = LAN
5. IP Address range = (this is my server's                                     address that is running Terminal Services)

Does anyone know if I'm leaving something out?

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BeermanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this, instead of creating a rule.  First delete the rule you created.
Then on the add services tab, select Terminal services from the add known service list, then hit add.  Dont put the port numbers in, or a name for the service.  After you hit add, it will appear in the box to the right.  On the services tab, you should now see terminal services listed.  Add your ip address there and update.  If you look on your rules tab, you should see the rule allowing TS to your ip.
This way seems to work better than just allowing the rule because of the port forwarding needed.
I hope that works for you.  If not, or you have any questions, post back
You're setting up Terminal services how?  YOu want to dial INTO your network and use terminal services or you want to dial OUT of yout network and use it on another network??

which way is the traffic flowing?

What operating systems are your machines?  Is this Win2k Terminal services or Winxp Remote Desktop??

A better way would simply be to VPN into your network and then launch your terminal session from there.  This way you have a secure tunnel into your network and your information is encrypted instead of simply attempting to establish an unsecured session that transfers data this way.

munkimannAuthor Commented:
I want to dial INTO the network from, let's say, the office manager's house.  We are all running W2K.
Thanks.  VPN is not an option at this time.
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ok so what brand of firewall???  each SOHO type of firewall has different ways of forwarding ports, setttings, etc.  so its hard to tell what you missed if we don't know the brand or type of firewall you're using.  what you have listed so far makes're negotiating the right ports into the it seems like your simly missing some type of configuration on your firewall that's preventing this from happening.
munkimannAuthor Commented:
It's a SOHO Sonicwall 50 user firewall.
Still need help?  Let me know, I think I can help you
munkimannAuthor Commented:
Yes I do...Please help!
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