Hooking Keyboard to detect keystrokes when program not in focus

Could anyone point me to the direction of some Tutorials on how to Hook the keyboard usings the windows API to capture keystrokes,
I would liek to be able to do this while the window is not in focus, to my knowledge his requires creating a DLL and an EXE but i simply have no idea on how to code them.
What i need to be able to do is Hide My window when option is selected in program, which is acomplished easly Via the form1.hide command. and  to show it simply form1.show; but i need to be able to activate Show Via a key combo on the keybord, So if anyone can Lend me a hand you can have my poits hehe :)
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For only 20 pts ???
you might look at EE question


which does not use a DLL
ask questions if you need more
IamienAuthor Commented:
Ok 50 pointer now.
I would like to know how to do the DLL one. i know its more code and if you need mroe poitns say so but would  love to be able to write on as needed, harder but more power. thanks
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IamienAuthor Commented:
Sorry let me rephrase that. I'd prefer to  know how make a system keyboard hook, not just a memo keyboard hook :) thanks,
The Journal Hook IS A SYSTEM HOOK. . . that Journal hook sends  ANY keyboard activity (asii text only) to your Memo, but it gets other keyboard as well. . . I guess you did not try that code. . . . if you are more interestedin a DLL hook then go to this page


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IamienAuthor Commented:
Thanks just what i needed. just gotten home compiled and tested :) thanks now to figured it all out. Thanks just what  i needed :) points be yours :)
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