Geforce2 ultra Windows xp problem.

I have a Geforce2 Ultra and Windows XP.  The Geforce  plays games really nicely but after awhile the games just close for no reason and i'm brought back to my desktop.  It used to give me the nv4_disp.dll loop error until I just went ahead and installed the most recent drivers for my via chipset and vistiontek nvidia graphics card. It doesn't give me the loop error anymore or atleast it hasn't in awhile.

Does anyone know what causes and fixes the game closing problem? It happens in CounterStrike, and in Hitman 2. Those are the only two games it's done it to me on.  

I have the geforce2 ultra and the drivers description in device manager says geforce3.  In fact I just let xp install the drivers and it put in geforce3. I let the nvidia device driver program install and it said geforce3 as well.  I don't think this is the problem but if anyone thinks differently let me know. It works fine for a level or two in hitman

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nationnonAuthor Commented:
I just got the nv4_disp.dll loop error blue screen thing so whatever I said about it not happening anymore i was wrong.  I've tried everything to fix that but it's just poor drivers or poor operating system.
disable windows XP auto update download.

right click "my computer" and select properties.
go to th "automatic updates" tab and uncheck the top box.

That fixed it for me. Turns out that every time it checked for a net connection or update, and the program didn't disable the screensaver correctly (there are some extra privilages in XP) it would drop me back to the desktop.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 and Diablo 2 are notorious for this.
Also if you happen to be holding a mouse or keyboard button at the time you don't get dropped back to the desktop.
nationnonAuthor Commented:
Automatic update has already been disabled.

I just installed directx 9 but I don't think that's going to help any.  I'll list my system to give you all more information.

-Amd athlon 900mhz slot a
-256 megs of ram
-k7v motherboard , via kx133 chipset
-vistiontek geforce2 ultra
-xp with sp1 installed
-m-audio audiophile soundcard

I had a geforce 2 gts before and never had any problems with this.  

I tried repair the repair windows option in windows xp setup but still no luck there either.

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is your video card running hotter than normal?  Sometimes in graphic intensive games like hitman 2, the video card can get very hot leading to system instability.  

If you do find the card overheating, try turning down options and effects for the game, lower resolution etc and leaving the computer case open (for better airflow) to see if it helps.  if it does then you'll need to find a better cooling solution for the video card.

hope this helps
nationnonAuthor Commented:
Yeah i've already got the case open. I don't see why it would overheat because it's got a fan on it and heatsinks on the ram.  Does write combining help anything out or can I disable it?  
You could try turning that option off but i think since it's not a hardware problem the next most likely thing are the drivers.  with video card drivers often the latest versions are not necessarily the most stable ... so try out some older ones to see if any of them agree with you system setup.

Good luck.
Some of the newer graphics card drivers interfere with gameplay and cause this type of behaivor. I play Tribes 2 occasionally and was forced to use old NVidia Detonator drivers rather than their latest and greatest.  It took a lot of experimentation to find the right driver.  I don't usually have any problem suring game play, but occasionally it will cause a system failure.  Tempted to try the latest and greatest again, but have a feeling I will be back to the old detonator drivers.  Good luck.
Hello All,

I have also run into this problem.  I have searched for literally a month and tried every fix out there.

Win Xp
Asus a7v
300w PSU
geforce 4 ti4200
512 pc100 ram
7200 rpm 40 gig hd

In all my searching I found what seemed to be the most logical explanation.

Power.  Most reporting fixing this problem reported buying a 430 watt power supply.

I have found something else that has seemed to work.  I foudn this link from another forum and tried it.  So far no BSOD or nv4_disp.dll error after 4 hours of gameplay (it would only take seconds before erroring out before)

It says for win2k but it applied for XP.,,30_118_756_759%5e871%5e2367,00.html

I played with me bios and the way it handles the agp settings, I took it off auto and chose manual config, that perhaps is shelping too.


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nationnon.. any new status?
Thank You ccampan,

I had this problem and used your solution, and it was fixed instantly.  You are a genius.  I would have never figuired it out.
nationnonAuthor Commented:
Sorry for taking so long, I fixed the problem awhile back.  After a couple weeks of searching and I completely forgot about this post.  

I used the agp filter like ccampan said and it fixed the problem. (sorta) After I reinstalled XP I got the problem again even after installing the AGP filter. It got stable  after I installed the 'via bus mastering' drivers. Weird huh?  

A list of things people should mess with if they have this problem.  I tried different nvidia detonator drivers, like the people on different forums suggested, and that really didn't do me any good (didn't hurt though).  I just use the latest nvidia drivers. The main problem is I couldn't really pinpoint what fixed the problem.

Here's the list.

Geforce Tweak Utility
 - This has a couple of options for AMD, VIA, Nvidia compatability (might help the problem, might not)

 - This fixes the refresh rate problem XP has with nvidia cards.  'nvhardpage' is also a program that has the refresh rate fix, along with some other options, these options  add hidden features in your normal geforce control/settings panel.

 - This would be really good if it worked with the latest nvidia drivers.  If you use windows 2000 it's got the 'loop' fix built into it.  I don't know if it works or not, I just saw the check box.  

Via IDE Bus Mastering
 - Name says it all. Fixes the lag problem when transferring data from drive to drive.

Hopefully me posting this will save some people the headache I went through.  

Hi peeps i duno whter any of you stil read this forum but i had that nv4_disp.dll error too and ive taken your advice in the last 30 mins so i cant say wheter its worked or not but i was wondering if any of you pin pointed the problem to 1 things if so please tell me allthought it might already be fixed :)
My pc specs :
win xp (obv)
256 2100 DDR ( 1 stick )
geforce4mx440 64mg AGP
MSI mobo cba to check its name k7proru2 i think
please reply
Hello All,

I am glad to hear that some of you are working this problem out.

I am surprised that the AGP fix ended up working for nation.  I reinstalled Windows and was having this exact problem (again) and nothing seemed to work, including his utilities and the agp fix.

I tried different video cards including a gefore 4 ti4200.

No bios settings made a difference other then the amount of time that elapsed before I got the error again.

I reloaded XP on my computer approximatly ten times over the weekend trying different configurations and still nothing.

I finally got pissed and figured it was the MOBO not handling my video card the way it should.  My mobo was way older asus a7v then the geforce 4ti4200 I was using.

That doesn't explain why I got that error with the geforce2 though, you see how confusing this issue is?

I had read a ton of posts talking about power problems and Power Supplies as being the problem and fix too.  Confusing all of it.

I ended up buying a new MOBO the Asus a7n8x with an Athlon xp 2500+ 333 FSB, a volcano 9 fan, and some DDR pc3200 ram 512 megs worth.  Installed it with the same old power supply I had before and it ran perfect.  To date I have not had any errors and the posts that described RMA'ing your video card I feel were incorrect as my video card is running about 75 fps (Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat mod if you play this get a hold of me!) with no errors.

I ended up spending about 350 bucks, well worth the upgrade as my system runs incredibly fast now.

I know most will be bummed to read that hardware upgrade was the cure.

Try this in order if you truly think it will help, I personally don't.  After trying this over and over and over.

I personally think it is all related to the asus a7v, every post I read involved a amd board.

1. In Bios disable AGP fast writes
1.a. - Verify all fans are working on your system, probably a good idea to clean them all well, be careful of spray air cans ! ;)
2. Bios - Disable 4x acceleration for your agp port
2.a. Turn off your computer's ability to "infinite loop" this means turning off Auto Reboot.  Otherwise you might not capture error screens and your computer will just reboot on error.
3. Read nationnon post two headings up and get his utilities
4. Apply AGP patch from my post 5 or 6 messages above this post.
5. If nothing works - try a new power supply, 430 watt sounds to work
6. Upgrade MOBO and processor (isn't it time anyway) as I have never heard of this happening to people with newer MOBO's, more often the mobo was produced a while back
7. Go to google groups and search for the error.  Tons of dolts trying tons of crap that doesn't work just like me :)

I would love to hear what other people have found out.
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