Monitor image expands horizontally

I have a 17" Toshiba monitor (Tekbright 717).

The other day, suddenly, the image on screen expanded horizontally (around a 30% or more).  It also bent and deformed inwards on the middle (it is like a waist).

Now I can not see the two lateral (left and right) portions of the image.

This happens in all screen resolutions and I have also lost the ability to adjust the horizontal onscreen settings.

What can I do to see the perfect rectangular image shape of the appropriate size again?
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Could be a monitor problem. If possible, try another monitor on the computer (or the monitor on another computer). This should give a good lead to where the trouble lies.

josechugonAuthor Commented:
Yes, it IS a monitor problem.  I would like to know how to repair it.  It is an almost new monitor (but second hand).  Thanks
Generally, there is not much hope, as monitor repair often will be quite as expensive as getting a new one... Since you can no longer adjust the width of the screen, there is almost certainly some circuitry inside that has died. Some shops will perhaps do a diagnostic for a reasonable price, which may be worth investigating, but others charge you with something like $100 just for looking at the thing...

A new monitor may be the solution.

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Best bet is to just buy a replacement monitor.  Brand new 17" monitors are pretty cheap these days.  Try to get a new one if possible that way you will have some warranty.  As for repair, unless you have component level electronics repair experience yourself it generally is not worth it to repair most color computer monitors.  Even after repair most monitors are just never the same as before the failure.  But before you throw the old one away ask around if there is anyone who would want it.  Never know you may be able to get someone to look at it for nothing or you may find someone who likes challenges and will try to fix it.

Good Luck.

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Hi josechugon,
  Many monitors have some combination of buttons to activate default factory settings. Usually iots both the Control buttons +/- or </> whatever pressed together for maybe 2 secs or something.
  Also, maybe its due to refresh rates. Check to use default 60Hz from the BIOS or Display Card.

josechugonAuthor Commented:
I think I'm not going to receive an answer that allows me to repair the monitor so I'll give the points to the best answer I've received, thanks.
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