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How to release IP not using "dhclient -r"

Hi folks!

I have a cable connection that demands me to release the IP before switching to another OS (from Win to Linux and vice-versa). When I was using RedHat 8 I simply used "dhclient -r eth0" and it was done, but now I'm trying the ASPLinux distro, what is quite nice and fast, but it doesn't come with the dhclient package.

I intended to try installing the package from my RH CDs, but rpm complained of dependencies and I would need to mess TOO MUCH with the default installation to add it, so I'm wondering how could I release the IP from my machine without using dhclient.

The "great" support from my ISP told me to use ifconfig, but it only shuts down the adapter and doesn't release the IP.

Thanks in advance!

PS.: Don't try those funny answers like "why don't you just DON'T SWITCH OSes.." :)))))
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1 Solution
#1) Why dont you just switch... Oh yeah.

#2) Your ISP talked to you with linux? They knew what ifconfig was? Bow down and worship them ;-)

#3) Well what DHCP client does ASP use? pump?  It would seem they use dhcpd with dhclient


(rpm's can have different dependencies, try the one from there)

Even the base ASP(http://rpmfind.net/linux/RPM/ASP/System_Environment_Base.html) linux system seems to use this, try looking around for it:

see if it is not in your path, under redhat its


but try looking for it on ASP
locate dhclient
find / -name dhclient

ez_talkAuthor Commented:
I tried dhclient right from /sbin but it was not there, so I used "find" and got nothing, and to be sure I searched the CDs for dhclient package and there was none there.

I have not tried pump...gonna check soon, as long as I finish my "Windows-needed" stuff for today.

Thank you for the tips on RPM repositories. Going to check them now.
ez_talkAuthor Commented:
Oh! I also tried dhcpcd, which was installed, and when I used "dhcpcd -k" it replied dhcpcd was not running, but I was using the internet normally.

RedHat uses a separate package for dhclient, just like Conectiva, and that is what I was trying to install prior to notice how painful it would be, since ASP doesn't provide it.
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hmm that's really odd as all the docs i read seemed to indicate ASP used dhcpd
ez_talkAuthor Commented:
My system seemed to be kidding me. Twice I booted it up after installation  for regular use and strangely it was taking too long to start eth0 up, and the whole thing with dhcpcd saying it was not running and all.

But last time it found eth0 in a flash, I logged in, and when I typed "pump -r" ready to find the right answer, it replied me with an error message, so I risked "dhcpcd -k" again and voilá! The SOAB was there and I could kill it!!!!!

Guess it was some jealous curse from my Windows installation.......

Thanks, majorwoo, for all the tips anyway! :)
heh ;-) gotta love that stuff.

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