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Restarting stuff

Lately, my PC seems to be resetting randomly.  Sometimes, when it's about to happy, the mouse goes all slow, and my MP3 stops playing for a sec.  I've checked the Power Settings, and everything there seems okay.

When I reboot after restarting, though, I sometimes get a Windows Protection Error.  It boots up fine in Safe Mode, but not normally.  It normally takes a few restars to get it working wormally again.

Can anyone help?
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1 Solution
I think it is a hardware problem:  bad memory, or a heat problem, for example.  For the possible bad memory, try this free program:


DocMemory, an advanced self-bootable PC Memory Diagnostic Software is a user friendly software designed to capture all possible memory failures in PC.

A rigorous test pattern excerises both the PC Base and Extended Memory to locate defective memory, all carried out without the need for user to disassemble memory from the PC.

Download the software and the installation program automatically create a self-booting diagnostic diskette. Simply insert this diskette into the floppy and reboot your PC to begin testing your system memory.

For the possible heat problem, try taking off your case and check if the fan is running properly; it may be clogged by dust, etc.  If your BIOS supports it, you can use the following free heat checking utility:

(look for the link on the left side of the page for MBM download):

Motherboard Monitor
This handy program reads temperature and fan RPM data collected by your system's BIOS, displays it in Window's system tray, and alerts you when there's trouble.

ShoesAuthor Commented:
If it was a problem with RAM/hear, wouldn't safe mode not work either?

Anyway, RAM passed the test, and I see no problems with the heat with this MBM program.
Perhaps it's a virus.  You could try the free online virus tool at http://housecall.antivirus.com    I find that it isn't always able to CURE every virus it detects, but it is good at detecting and identifying them.  

A couple of other free online virus scanners:



Since he did give feedback before, when my previous suggestions didn't solve it, I am guessing that the last comment, on checking for viruses, solved it.

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