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PC freezes after powerup RAM test, stuck in diagnostic startup mode.

On a Compaq Deskpro 6000 running Windows 98SE, I installed dlink wireless software. Then inserted dlink wireless pci adapter dwl-520+ as per directions and got only a blank screen. Called dlink said it was probably a conflict with existing hardware or irq. So I removed wirless card everything worked as usual.

I wanted to troublshoot so I ran msconfig and checked 'diagnostic startup' first without the card, everything worked fine. Next I reinserted pci card but nothing came up; blank screen. Finally gave up with wireless card, so I shutdown pc and removed card.

Powered pc but it freezes immmediately after showing RAM info. PC does not respond to keyboard, floppy or CD?!

Seems problem due to being stuck in diagnostic startup mode due to this attempt at installing wireless pci adaptor. How can I get the pc to respond or bypass this stage and get back to normal operation? tia
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clear the C-MOS and restart the pc, enter the BIOS snd set up the date/time etc and your hdd to auto detect, power down the pc and remove and re-seat the memory modules, there is something going on that the bios does not agree with,

You need to look at the DLINK FAQ list. It could be only a problem with your mother board or a known problem with all mother boards. Look for how to set bios to use this adapter. Or mabie the card is bad do you have a friend that will let you install it?
borsaciAuthor Commented:
I removed the pci adaptor card completely, I just want the pc to function as before with wired ethernet. The problem is it freezes after the RAM test.
I think I cleared the cmos. The schematics on compaq site were different than my motherboard but was able to see a jumper next to battery that looked similar to it. I "cleared" as per instructions. One different result I noticed was it actually went through each MB when testing (took 15 secs), before it would just show the total memory upon powerup. Yet the result is the same; cursor just blinking and nothing happening. Tried <ctrl>. Tried F10.  nada.

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This is what I suggest.

Remove all PCI cards except the essentials, i.e. video card. clear the C-mos again to make sure. then take out all sticks of rams except one. Then try to reboot. If it fails replace the ram with another stick of ram. If that does not work, then you may have to order another CMOS or get a CMOS from a friend's computer (SAME MAKE) carefully remove it and place it in yours boot up, plus in your old CMOS and flash the BIOS.

I think your attempts at installing the dlink have either scrambled your CMOS or PCI Bus setting has caused one of your rams to short.

One other possibility is that your motherboard is fried. IN this case only thing for you to do is test your mobo in another computer to see if that is the case.

hope this helps,

Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
It could be that the BIOS is set to boot from LAN and is detecting the WLAN card as such, and is looking for a wireless boot source and not finding one.  Check your BIOS for a "Boot from LAN" option or similar and disable it.  Did you try putting the card in a different PCI slot??

I don't think I'd go swapping CMOS chips just yet...

dogztar, CMOS was the last option. I only posted this solution because from what I've read he can't go into the BIOS? or am i wrong on this one?

Do you even have an IRQ left to use for the new PCI card?
borsaciAuthor Commented:
I tried everything and nothing really did the trick alone. However I was able to get the pc to reboot:
I tried clearing the cmos (moving the jumper for a few minutes and then back), took out all the pci cards (except video), removed some RAM but the pc still did not respond; blank screen. Finally I left the cmos/battery jumper off overnight, changed the slot of the video card and the pc booted. Yipee! I did a thorough search on dlink site and finally came across the following: "The DWL-520 requires a PCI 2.2 compliant motherboard in order to function. If your PCI slot is 2.1 compliant, then the card won´t be detected by Windows and unfortunately will not work." I wish that was disclosed on the box under minimum system requirements! Back you go to the store wireless dlink :-(
Thanks for all the recommendations.

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