500Mhz can't read duplicate CD-Rom whereas 1GHz can

Hi, I have 3 PCs heres and their configuration is as follow:

PC 1: Win98, 1GHz
PC 2: Win98, 500MHz
PC 3: Win98, 450MHz

I was trying to install a software "Macromedia Studio MX". I have the original CD and have made a duplicate (dup) CDR copy of it.

I tried installing the dup onto PC 1, it works. wherelse PC 2 & 3 don't, they can't read the CDR. But when i put in the original, it does. Is there anything wrong with my CDR or is it my PC problem?

Please help. thx
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Most probably the problem is with the CDR. To double confirm it, swap the CD-ROM from PC 1 to either PC 2 or PC 3. Test it again. If it is working, you can be sure that the CDR cannot be read by the CD-ROM of PC 2 and PC 3.
Btw, are you using the CDRW drive in PC 1 to read the CD?
Some burned CD can only be read by certain CD-ROM.
Good luck.
meowoAuthor Commented:
PC 1 is using CDR to read the CD.
I got a feeling the problem lies with the CD-ROM too, but PC 2 & 3 can read dup copy of other software other than Studio MX. anyway thx :)
The disk sure can be read by the CDR as it is written by it. Besides, CDR drive has a better capability in reading disk compare with CD-ROM drive. The best when burning a disk is to use a normal speed to write the disk, such as 8X or 16X so that the disk can be read by more CD-ROM as certain drive cannot read disk written by faster burner.
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meowoAuthor Commented:
oic, i didn't know that speed make such a difference here.
i thought speed meant how fast i can go burning a disk.
Where do you learn this from?
Hahaha.. I learn all this from my experience. The first CDRW I used is just 4x4x32 speed only and I've been burning CD since then. Now, I'm using a 40X CDRW and I found that burning a CDR with speed ranging from 8-16 is the best. It's not that burning at the max speed such as 40X is bad, but burning a disk too fast tend to overburn the disc sometime.

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meowoAuthor Commented:
thx 4 ur comments. it helps me alot :)
No problem, glad to be able to help. Thanks for the point.
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