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How to setup cross LAN access?


The title for the question is little ambiguous, and I apologize for that. The problem goes like this:

In my office, our dept. has a separate network from the rest of the office. To share data between our network and rest, we have a Win2k Server PC, on which two NICs have been installed. One NIC is used to connect the machine to our network, and the other is connected to the rest of the network. We use the machine to dump and pick data from both ends. I would like to know, if there is any procedure by which the machines on both the networks can access each other using the shared machine? The client machines are Win 2k Pro. Is there a way, by which I can setup a proxy on the shared machine, and let it manage connections between the machines existing on the two different networks? It is not required that the machines be visible to each other (i.e., in Windows Explorer), but the machines should be able to connect to IP based services, given a target IP.

I hope I have described the problem sanely :). I am not a techie guy, andI am afraid the network people in my office are not this techie as well.

Clive Hord.
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Hi qkpanicker,

Many thanks for the answer. We have tried it out and it works!! Just out of curosity, is there any way by which the machines on the networks can access each other, if ONLY given the target IP, and they should not be visible on Network Neighbourhood?


Yes Clive,

Think about netbios broadcast, it will put all the computers replied in to a particular group such as computers near me but since your clients are windows 2000 professional, evenif somebody can seen the system at Network neighborhood, cannot access.

The best way suggested is,

Create 2 AD Domains

a. Your site
b. Other site

Create Trust relationship between them.

If it sounds great difficulty, then you can simply access the other machine by typing the machine name or ip address at Run

Go to Start Menu then run

type     \\<machinename>   or


Hope this helps.
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