Users permissons write to home directory

after using the command: useradd and then passwd.
the created users have no permissions to write to the home directory.
i especially want to change these permissions so that these users can run pine.
i use Suse linux 7.3
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Do you mean they have no permissions to write to "THE" home directory, or to "THEIR" home directory?

By default, when adding a user, it creates a home folder for the user inside the /home folder. So adding user test will create a folder called /home/test.
The user should have full permissions on that folder, but will not usually have permissions to do anything outside that directory.

If you have no permissions inside the user's home folder, then the umask is set to something different in the /etc/bashrc file. My system has umask=002 meaning that you can set permissions of up to 775.
isaj1Author Commented:
okay thanx i will try that
have you tried out the yast utility ?
either on the command line or in x-windows.
just type yast on the command line.
go to admistrative tools.........
i don't  know about your machine but mine doesn't accept useradd
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isaj1Author Commented:
that is wierd not to accept useradd.
go to yast and after filling in all the required fields, press F4 and then F10.
this ought to work.
isaj1Author Commented:
some esle about the useradd command. after using it, then you have to set a password for that particular user.
do this using
passwd username
then enter the password tiwce.
finger <username> will tell you if that user has a home directory. If it doesnt
mkdir /home/<username>
chown <username>:<username> /home/<username>
usermod -d /home/<username> <username>
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