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i have this photoshope 7.0 setup cd to change the interface to French instead of english.
the thing is that when i run the setup it gives me an eroor msg about the Rights and stuff!
where i have the CD Key and everything is legal!
but it never asks me to type the cd key in the first place :S
so i thought this should be done within Adobe itself..

help :(

1 Solution
Holla Almaha.

The thing I don't understand of your explanation is;
Do you have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 installed yet ?

In fact, it doesn't really mind. . .
If your cd is legal (then you must have bought it
in a shop or something) and it gives errors, the
fould should be within the cd itself.
Maybe it's a little bit damaged.
My advise is, return to the shop where you've bought
it, and tell them that your cd isn't working right.
They'll have to give you a new cd (an item has to
work where it's produced for, doesn't it ?).
If you have any trouble after trying that, contact me.
Succes m8,

You probably got a 'cracked' version of Photoshop. Where it will by-pass the CDKey registeration process, and allow the program to run in default mode. Which, could cause "illegal operation" message to pop-up when you try to change the default setting. (Changing the language, the program will have to refer to its registery... where it has been destroyed or altered by the crack)

I would take Vasquez's suggestion, return to where you purchase the software and ask for exchange or refund.
almahaAuthor Commented:
ThX guys.. I was hoping i can do something about it as i'm a computerized person.. but anyways, i can't do everything that's for sure :)


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