smooth Cross browser java detection

I know there was a lot of topics about this, but I didn't found any cross browser solution.

I have a java navigation menu for my web site, butt if client doesn't have java enabled / installed, i'd like to redirect him to another page. I found a good solution for netscape (navigator.javaenabled or something...) but what about IE, opéra and such browsers ??

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put the redirect code between the <applet> and </applet> tags

that should work...
mctdAuthor Commented:
already tried, didn't seemed to work (tested in IE6 with all VM checkboxes disabled). Did I miss something ?

I tryied this piece of code:

<applet Code="myApplet.class">
  <script language="JavaScript">
    alert("You do not have Java enabled");
    // some redirect code here

any other idea ?
Apparently, the javaEnabled method exists in: IE4+, NN3+ and Opera 3.51+

I guess that is the only way to do it...and maybe put a text link to your other menu inside the Applet tag for those browsers that this call fails for (if there are any)...
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maybe if you write a small applet with one method that returns true:

public class EnableCheck extends Applet
  public boolean isEnabled()
    return true ;

Then, put the following on your page:

<applet Code="EnableCheck.class" Width="0" Height="0" name="check" mayscript/>

Then, you should be able to do:

if( document.check.isEnabled() )
  // Java enabled :-)

Hmmm...not sure that helps...

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