Compressing images in JPEG under UNIX

I want to write a C-program that convert an image under Unix into JPEG-format. This muss be a part of a greater program. How can I do it?
Is there a spezial library that I can use to do it?
Thanks for your help.

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or to get the faq

Independent JPEG Group's free JPEG software

This package contains C software to implement JPEG image compression and
decompression.  JPEG is a standardized compression method for full-color
and gray-scale images.  JPEG is intended for "real-world" scenes; cartoons
and other non-realistic images are not its strong suit.  JPEG is lossy,
meaning that the output image is not identical to the input image.
The user can trade off output image quality against compressed file size
by adjusting a compression parameter.

The distributed programs provide conversion between JPEG "JFIF" format and
image files in PBMPLUS PPM/PGM, GIF, BMP, and Targa file formats.  The
core compression and decompression library can easily be reused in other
programs, such as image viewers.  The package is highly portable C code;
we have tested it on many machines ranging from PCs to Crays.

We are releasing this software for both noncommercial and commercial use.
Companies are welcome to use it as the basis for JPEG-related products.
We do not ask a royalty, although we do ask for an acknowledgement in
product literature (see the README file in the distribution for details).
We hope to make this software industrial-quality --- although, as with
anything that's free, we offer no warranty and accept no liability.

For more information, contact
hello, have a look their
or to get the faq
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