What are the required driver files for the HP Deskjet 600 printer?

I am developing driver for the HP deskjet 600 printer. I think the following

localmon.dll, localui.dll, winprint.dll, pjlmon.dll, win32spl.dll, spoolss.dll, unidrv.dll, unidrvui.dll, HPDJ600.GPD, hpdjres.dll are the driver files for the printer. I think I have to write driver code for these files. If I have missed any driver file , please give me a reply and please give me a suggestion.

                                  If I have understand it wrongly, please give me a suggestion about what are the driver files needed for the HP deskjet 600 printer.

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pstallbaumerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Jeesh, you're pretty ambitious, aren't you. I'm one of the guys that wrote those drivers, and believe me, you don't want to try this on your own. Ok, if you absolutely insist on doing this, I'll give you one hint - it's already been done for Linux, and the source code is shareware. Search the web good soul and you will find it.

Why are you developing printer drivers if they already exist?
DorisBellaAuthor Commented:
OK, u'r answer is very useful.
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