VB MsChart Easy Question

this is a fearly easy question

On an Mschart you got the % on the side


i want them to be rotated like this when i turn the page sideways, the numbers are straigth !!

its kind of hard to explain

if u have anything, let me know
kind of urgent

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Can you give a more step-by-step description of what you're doing and what you're trying to accomplish?

From the above, it sounds like you may simply be try to print out a chart and then physical rotating the piece of paper, but not having the numbers on the axis oriented the way you want them.  If it's as simple as that, just go into the chart, double-click on the axis in question to open the "Format Axis" window.  The last tab is "Alignment".  On that tab you can rotate the text so that it shows 90 degrees rotated either way.  Then when you rotate your chart, you can have the text how you want it.

Is this what you're talking about?  If not, please give as detailed account of what you need as possible.  If it's "kind of hard to explain", you should try even harder than usual to do so :)

Hope this helps,
Italbro5Author Commented:

i think your got what i meant
The thing is i got a french V-B where i am now
so when i get home, ill check what u said and i'll
post a reply around 6:00. So if u can come and check
if evrything is ok tonigth and see if evrything is good
that would be perfect

what i have now, is i can click on a mschart then click on the rigth button of the mouse and then " Propriété " and then i can change some stuff but i cant find the way to rotate teh Axis. Is there a code to write

and here is the other thing :
Set cmdObject = Form3.Controls.Add("MSChart20Lib.MSChart", "achart" + Trim(Str(n + 1)))

thats what i use to create a mschart. but sometimes some commands dont work

let me know
Go ahead and post when you know if you have it or not.  I won't be checking the forum tonight but would see it in the morning.  As for your .Add not always working, my first guess is that depending on where you are at the time, you may be having a problem with referencing the MSChart20Lib that you're using.  Open a module and check Tools/References on the various places you're doing this.  Perhaps you'll find a broken link to a missing dll or something.

You could also look into the "Peropriiti" menu you mentioned (obviously "Properties") and check the farthest right tab.  Don't know what it's called but it should be the Alignment tab.  Even if you can't understand the options, there's usually a graphic "dial" like control that will let you drag the orientation of the text to rotate it the way you want it.

Also, I believe that you should be able to set this rotation via code as well.  However, I'm not very familiar with the chart API.  Once you have that control, however, you should be able to get a handle on the Axis information of the control and then set some sort of Orientation property.   Try looking in the Object browser at that library to see what's there.

Good luck.

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Italbro5Author Commented:
i dont have the the ALIGNEMENT TAB. I go to Properties. Farthest rigth i got : Fonts and Series Color

there is on its Text, in there i got orientation and alignment but it dosent really work
maybe i'm not checking the good place, but i really need this, before tomorow nigth ( tuesday nigth)
What versions of the various apps are you using?  I think I check an Excel chart to see what that tab was called.  It may not be present in the charting object you're using.  Either way, the idea should be the same.  Look at the object browser and try to get familiar with the API for whatever chart object (and version) you're working with.  Try to get a handle on the higher level of it's properties (i.e. the axis, series, etc.) and then see what you can find out about the properties of those.  There should be something you can set unless you're using something so old that it's not very configurable.

Good luck,
Italbro5Author Commented:
i'm using VB6
with service pack 5
add on Microsoft MSCHART and working with it
i think its not suppose to be different

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