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Updating Text File

i have a game that stores the high score in a text file.

i'm adding a "second place" Label on the form but whenever i try to update the text file i keep getting the "input past end of file" error.

can anyone let me know what i am doing wrong?

here is the code:

Private Sub enterscore_Click()

If Val(playerscore) > Val(scorelabel) Then
initials = InputBox("Enter Your Initials", "First Place")
gamer = initials

Open "C:\WINDOWS\score.txt" For Output As #1
Print #1, playerscore
Print #1, gamer
Close #1

ElseIf Val(playerscore) > Val(scorelabel2) Then
initials2 = InputBox("Enter Your Initials", "Second Place")
gamer2 = initials2

Open "C:\WINDOWS\score.txt" For Output As #1
Print #1, playerscore
Print #1, gamer2
Close #1
MsgBox "Try Again"
End If

' to refresh the scores
Dim HighScore, gameplayer, HighScore2, gameplayer2
Open "C:\WINDOWS\score.txt" For Input As #1
Input #1, HighScore
Input #1, gameplayer
Input #1, HighScore2
Input #1, gameplayer2
scorelabel = HighScore
gamer = gameplayer
scorelabel2 = HighScore2
gamer2 = gameplayer2
Close #1
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