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Cannot load CDROM (and tried everything mentioned here)

Hi, guys,

I know that this is a common question and I read through them. I tried doing:
 mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/dsk/c0t6d0s0 /cdrom and it would tell me:
mount: mount-point /cdrom does not exist.

I am using e3000 and the CDROM is c0t6d0s0
if I look under /dev/dsk then it is:
c0t0d0s0  c0t0d0s3  c0t0d0s6  c0t1d0s1  c0t1d0s4  c0t1d0s7  c0t6d0s2  c0t6d0s5
c0t0d0s1  c0t0d0s4  c0t0d0s7  c0t1d0s2  c0t1d0s5  c0t6d0s0  c0t6d0s3  c0t6d0s6
c0t0d0s2  c0t0d0s5  c0t1d0s0  c0t1d0s3  c0t1d0s6  c0t6d0s1  c0t6d0s4  c0t6d0s7

So, I am pretty sure it is c0t6d0s0

It actually worked before I've added a new disk 'c0t1d0' and now it does not...
What am I doing wrong???
I know this is an age old question, but I really cannot get the darn thing to work this time. :(
1 Solution
First of all, is the CDROM working?
Use the openboot to run diagnsotics on the drive and make sure it's working.

The message states that the mount point is not there (which in this case is /cdrom).  Have you verified that directory exists?

If you're using Solaris 9, download the patches as there's a known problem with CDROMs in the volume manager, that may cure the problem (Solaris should auto-mount cdroms upon their insertion into the caddy).

Hope this helps a little.
is 'vold' running when you try to mount the cd manually?
is there a /cdrom in your root filesystem?  You need this mountpoint in order to mount the cdrom.

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