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Zonealarm prevents access to www.symantec.com

Posted on 2003-02-24
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Last Modified: 2013-11-16
First symptom was that I was unable to run liveUpdate for Norton Systemworks (2002 OR 2003).

I then tried and failed to get access to www.symantec.com (or anywhere within the site).  Presumably this was why the update wouldn't work.

However...if I disabled Zonealarm, then I could both access the symantec web site AND run the liveUpdate.  I then re-enable Zonealarm and I can no longer perform those actions.

Clearly Zonealarm is preventing access to that web-site.  But why?  And how?  I don't remember blocking the web-site (but bearing in mind I wouldn't know HOW to, I wonder if it happened without me noticing.)

Anyone got any advice?
Question by:don9999
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Accepted Solution

SunBow earned 200 total points
ID: 8010767
Good. I am opposed to LiveUpdates. Possibly ZA is blockin internet access but I doubt it. More than likely, the first time you went to connect to symmantec you were not "all-knowing" and disabled the site. As I recall you would have also had to check box to 'remember'.  You can review ZA log to validate everything that is being censored for the site. What you need to do is call up ZA menu, select/view all the permissions, and unlock the one for symmantec. I have the CE edition running with no problem under ZA.

Possibly you were in midst of running something and did not need the extra programs running, update or not. Or possibly, maybe likely due to way you phrase question, I don't think you've got the notifications on. Bummer about NoTif's are that you have too many initially. But you need them to make initial choices for what to open, for which types of access to permit. You should always default to no access.

Expert Comment

ID: 8010889
I believe by default, ZA asks you whether or not you want to allow activity that your PC is doing when it wants to get out to the Net.

I agree with SunBow...perhaps when Norton was performing Live Update, since you didnt think the request for a website was coming from you...you chose NO to not allow that access and hence, it's in your list of untrusted sites.  I believe you can navigate somewhere within the configurations or options and unblock that address for Live Update.


Expert Comment

ID: 8013551

you can setup an exception for that particular website in zone alarm.
or just reduce the security level a little bit
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by:Gabriel Orozco
ID: 8014699
enter to your zonealarm config and delete all rules you already have and/or make it rebuild them again. check carefully and you will make your norton go to liveupdate again.

I am also against live updates, but when it come to be a hundred pc's. I developed myself a configuration to do only one download with mcafee, and then all computers connect hourly to an internal ftp server. it's pretty fast and without cosuming bandwidht :)

this is only one of the reazons I don't like NAV

Expert Comment

ID: 8021175
Stupid question: Can you access any website? Know that these programs such as for web updating are rather stupid. So if you have modem and do dial up access such as for AOL, what happens is, that you turn computer on, then update program runs, then You manually fire up AOL for surfing. So, what can happen is that you start with IE window open, cached to local HD, but ISP not contacted and internet not active. The update program runs and cannot find its home-site (which after a year may not exist either). The update program says it can't find its server, it doesn't bother to mention that it cannot find the internet itself. Now if you also had old IE window open you might get confused by the update program to think that internet was ready. Use that window and sure, you won't find symantec. But also, you would not find anyone else. With luck, at such a time the browser would tell you that you were in local-only mode, only to review webpages already downloaded. So a good habit is to attempt also access to another website, verify the connectivity. experts-exchange.com/ is a good site for that, since it is so easy to validate that it is changing, and that the view is not from old PC cache.

I am running ZoneAlarm now. If I click its icon in systray I get to restore its control center. From there I can look at list of all programs, and whether they are allowed to connect locally, or internet, whether to allow server and whether access is always permitted, always denied, or whether to always ask me whether or not to permit.

Author Comment

ID: 8023771
I'm sure there is a simple answer to this.  I just can't quite see it yet.

Let's ignore NU update for now.  Let's just consider accessing the web site www.symantec.com (or www.symantec.co.uk).  I just can't access these sites.  Yes, I am ON the internet, and can surf other sites (am accessing the experts-exchange right now!)  However, trying to access the symantec sites comes up with the message that it cannot be found.

I WAS using Zonealarm 3.5 pro and I 'think' there was a setting where you could prevent access to certain sites - although symantec was not one of those selected sites.

I've now downgraded, removing the Pro version and installing Zonealarm 3.1.291.  I still can't access Symantec.  But I don't think there's anyway of preventing access to specific web sites in this version (or if there is, I can't find it.  I've tried every tab and option and can't find it.)

So why can't I access the Symantec web site?  If I can work that out, I'm sure I could THEN get Norton to update properly.


Expert Comment

ID: 8024757
Try clicking "Privacy" on the left side of ZoneAlarm and be sure that "MAIN" folder tab is selected/clicked.

Then try switching the "Cookie Control" and "Ad Blocking" to "OFF".

Then check whether symantec website can be accessed.

Author Comment

ID: 8024972
Hmmm....unfortunately those options aren't available in this version of Zonealarm.  I'm using 3.1.291

Options available are:

Overview - Giving Status, Product Info and Preferences
Program Control - Where you can assign which programs are given automatic internet access, no access or need to request access
Alerts & Logs
E-mail protection

I think there were options for Cookie Control and Ad Blocking in the latter PRO version, but not this one.  But I still can't access Symantec web-site.

Odd isn't it?


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Go to the ZonaAlarm control center, Program control, programs and look for LiveUpdate EngineCOM Module and make sure it has green check marks. You could also re-install zone alarm and pay attention to your options during install. make a clean install and do NOT allow za to set up program control for you. Have it ask for each program and if you're sure of your answer then click remember this answer.

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