java arrays

Hello have what is probably a small problem, I have a java array class with this code in it:-

  int NUMBER_OF_YEARS = 5;
    String yearsWorked[] = {"First Year", "Five Years", "10 Years", "Fifteen Years", "Twenty Years"};
    double[] total_Wages = new double[NUMBER_OF_YEARS];
     * arrays class fills the array with the users input
    public void Arrays() throws IOException
        double sum = 0;
        for (int i = 1; (i <=NUMBER_OF_YEARS); i++)
            System.out.println("Enter amount you expect to earn after "+yearsWorked[i-1]);
            //create an instance of the readline class
            UserInput wages_Earned = new UserInput();
            double wage =  wages_Earned.readDouble();
            sum+= wage;
            total_Wages[i-1] = wage;

what I want to do is refrence a specific location from another class I have tried using:-
arrayInput = arrayInput.total_Wages[4];
but this does not work any ideas much apreciated thanks.
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what's the error?

I take it arrayInput is an instance of the Class which contains the above method?
you could make total_Wages data member public:

ie: public double[] total_Wages = ...

but the best practice is to create a getter:

public double[] getTotalWages() { return total_Wages; }

then you can do (assuming arrayInput is your class):

double[] totWages = arrayInput.getTotalWages();
myVal = totWages[4];

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BennettAuthor Commented:
yes arrayInput is an instance of the class containing the method.
the error I get is
found double required Arrays
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> arrayInput = arrayInput.total_Wages[4];

this line doesn't make any sense.

if arrayInput is the instance of your class, your are trying to assign total_Wages[4] (a double) to your instance which is of type Arrays.
BennettAuthor Commented:
sorry yeah youre right the line is
wages = arrayinput.totalWages[4]
so is it working now?

if not, what is wages? it should be a double.
if so, please accept a comment as answer so this can be moved to PAQ (previously asked questions)
BennettAuthor Commented:
sorry yeah youre right the line is
wages = arrayinput.totalWages[4]
BennettAuthor Commented:
Ok its not a race, thanks for the help, you can have the points now. ;-)
BennettAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for the help.
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