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Admin rights for all Domains?

Windows Workstation NT 4.0 SP 6
Master SAM file

I have admin rights in a domain. How can i get access to the Primary Domain Controller (PDC)and thus the master SAM thru a non PDC if I have admin rights on another Domain using a workstation?


P.S. Dont e-mail to flame me. I don't need people swearing at me and demeaning me and telling me i'm a piece of crap etc. I already get that from my wife and kids, I don't need it from you!
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From your post...I'm reading this as you want access to another domain's PDC and you're logged on as an admin on a separate domain's non-PDC?  That's how you've worded this question.  

The only way is that they are trusted and you have admin access on that other domain.  Unless I'm misinterpretting your question.
> P.S. Dont e-mail to flame me. I don't need people

PS- good security includes holding tightly your personal info. Why tell me your eMail address anyway? I don't need it! But above, you advertise it to the world.


I think there may be better answer, but nouellette has probably satisfied this one already.

Since I've had some problems with other methods, I think easiest way out to satisfy the most is to simply log back in joining the other domain. That takes little time and avoids other potential headaches.
You need to be able to access the admin share (C$) from there you can then access the winnt/repair folder. But, like I said before, you need admin rights to the other PDC.

There are other ways to get the file but they rely on hacking into the system based on what services the system provides and if they have been secured ot not.

For instance, Lophtcrack can sniff lanmam authenication and bruce force the password from that but if lanman authenication has been disabled that attack won't work. (in a pure NT network)

Hmmmm...you may have your work cut out for you. :-)
I second and third those remarks...this is starting to get into the realm of using tools that might not be used for ethical purposes.
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