NetMessageBufferSend help

i am making a messager program and i am trying to get a message to send to specific users but i cannot get it to work.  I tried using the NetMessageBufferSend API Call but an error appears saying "Can't Find DLL entry point NetMessageBufferSend in NETAPI32.DLL".  I checked and I do have the file NETAPI32.DLL.  Can someone tell me why it is doing this and how to fix it.  Or can someone give me different code that works.  I want to make it send like Win Messenger (  That program works and i want to make it send like that.  it doesnt need all the options tho.  If someone knows how they made that app and gave me the code it would be helpful.  
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All_Hail_CaesarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I see you are nor getting your question answered, so can i have the points?
what's your OS ?
the api call is only available on win2k/xp (maybe on nt also..i don't know) but not in 9x
cjcujoAuthor Commented:
I am Using Windows NT 4.0
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