Sorting a Dictionary Object alphabetically??


I'm in the final stages of an ecommerce site and I've noticed that when adding/removing from the order the products in the cart get shuffled around sometimes.

I've used a Dictionary Object to store the selected products in a session var.  If i can get the products sorted alphabetically before being displayed, this will eliminate the shuffling around.  Any suggestions?

Ben Lowry
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The Dictionary object is simple to use, but features no sorting methods.

Check out this page for directions on how to setup the array to store the sorting stuff.

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benlowryAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  Appreciate the quick response too!
benlowryAuthor Commented:
I have a sub I use to sort a dictionary object:

Call it using

Sub BuildArray(objDict, aTempArray)
  Dim nCount, strKey
  nCount = 0
  '-- Redim the array to the number of keys we need
  Redim aTempArray(objDict.Count - 1)

  '-- Load the array
  For Each strKey In objDict.Keys

    '-- Set the array element to the key
    aTempArray(nCount) = strKey

    '-- Increment the count
    nCount = nCount + 1

End Sub
Sub SortArray(aTempArray)
  Dim iTemp, jTemp, strTemp

  For iTemp = 0 To UBound(aTempArray)  
    For jTemp = 0 To iTemp  

      If strComp(aTempArray(jTemp), aTempArray(iTemp)) > 0 Then
        'Swap the array positions
        strTemp = aTempArray(jTemp)
        aTempArray(jTemp) = aTempArray(iTemp)
        aTempArray(iTemp) = strTemp
      End If

End Sub
Sub ReBuildArray(objDict, aTempArray)

  Set SortCart = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

  for each Prod in objDict
    SortCart.add Prod, objDict(Prod)

  Dim iTemp
  For iTemp = 0 To UBound(aTempArray)
    objDict.add aTempArray(iTemp), SortCart.Item(aTempArray(iTemp))

  set SortCart = nothing

End Sub
Sub SortOrder(objDict)
  Dim aTemp
  Call BuildArray(objDict, aTemp)
  Call SortArray(aTemp)
  Call ReBuildArray(objDict, aTemp)
End Sub
benlowryAuthor Commented:
ahhahaha this was my question

i'm so tired :(
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