computer not shutting down?

Windows ME, Atlon XP1700 CPU, New system.
When selecting shut down, windows shuts down to a black screen and the hard drive shuts down, but the psu and cpu fans are still powered up as well as the cd rom drive.
I have enabled/disabled power mangement to no avail.
I have also replaced the psu with a new "Known good" one.
Your help would be appreciated.  Are there any testes I could perform to narrow down the possibilities?


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SpazMODicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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If you leave the system set for a while do the fans eventually shut off?  I have seen a couple of machines where the fans will continue to run until the cabinet and/or components actually cool down somewhat.  If that is not your case you could have a defective power supply or your motherboard may have a defective power down circuit.

Good Luck.
As an after thought here I can remember some systems I used to work on where the power supply fan would run all the time AC power was connected.  Those machines had a small ups like battery in them that was meant to hold memory contents in case of a power failure.  Thus the power supply had a built in trickle charger to keep the battery charged.  So the non-stop fan was necessary.  But I have not seen this in any of the modern era machines.

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jonw31Author Commented:
No.  The system could be left all day it will not power off.  This happens from cold.  The system can be started from cold and immediatly shut down and the same happens.
Can the power down cicuit be tested at the psu connector?
Do you know which colour wire feeds the shut down switch in the psu?
You may need updated ME drivers for your motherboard relating to power management.  But it sounds like you're not even getting to the shutdown message screen when you exit windows.  ME may not be disconnecting the network link to your CD-ROM drive in time before ME exits.  Go to and see if Microsoft has the ME patch still for disconnecting drives during shutdown.  Also be sure you have the latest ME drivers for your motherboard's IDE ports.
jonw31Author Commented:
I have all available updates the latest drivers and bios.
Windows does appear to shutdown as it should as does the hard drive.  It's just the cpu fan, psu fan and cdrom that remains live. It will shutdown on the odd occasion as it should but not very often.  It probably shuts down ok about 1 in 30 times.
>  I have seen a couple of machines where the fans will continue to run

Oh, Like a car? New to me, but good idea.

Try looking at bios for similar powersave options to windows

> The system can be started from cold

? This escapes me. How can it get cold?
I'm with the above, that there's a patch of some kind needed, although maybe not available (ME's infamy). Maybe mobo? Look for a dip or jumper setting to assist this? It almost sounds like having three different power off buttons, for reset, reboot, or shutdown, and that only one switch is provided. Or maybe, as-if it is waiting for a signal, such as for HD spindown to complete, the HD spins down but its signal isn't getting through. Is there DMA sharing too? Running the fans seems an ok thing, I cannot fathom why CD needs to be kept going. How about unplugging the CD and try rebooting and shutting down a few times? Maybe that's the lemon.
Hi jonw31
  Maybe, your systems ACPI/ATX properties are disabled. I mean check the bios to enable these. The blank screen could be done by the monitor's Energy Star feature without the mobo's actual help. So maybe Ur whole PC stays on.
Set Failsafe Defaults in BIOS. Tell me more. Good Luck

Hmmm... do this test... first, get into BIOS, check the Power Management system, and check the power loss option or something like that. Make it to remain turned off when the power restored.

Disconnect the power cord from wall outlet, wait for 15-20 seconds to empty the capacitors, then plug the cable again.

If the computer start right away BEFORE you press the power button, then disconnect the power cord from wall outlet again,  and disconnect the power cable from mainboard and other peripherals. Wait for 15-20 seconds, then plug it back again with the PSU still disconnected from the rest.
If the PSU powers up immediately, the problem is with your PSU, and if it remains off try to connect to your peripheral first one by one, then connect to mainboard at last. The one that fires up you PSU is the one to blame.

If the computer starts AFTER you press the power button and doesn't shut off, I need to know your mainboard type and brand, but mostly, this is caused by BIOS and Power management system.
Does your video adapter's signal turn off?  Sounds more like a sleep mode than an off mode for your motherboard.
jonw31Author Commented:
I tried all sugestion to no avail.  I exchanged Motherboard under warranty and this has cured the problem
Thank for the help.
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