Flash Issues with Video on Mac

I have a series of Flash movies that contain video which are large. They cause the Flash movie to stop playing at various points and cause some graphics to not display. The Flash version is Flash 5 and the Mac system is a 800Mhz system with 256MB of Ram running on OS 9.1

Can I make a memory page size adjustment or some other system setting change to improve how the MAc handles large video?
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The first thing I think you need(if you don't already have one) is a preloader...  use the below text in a looping movieclip of scene, and you should be fine...

if(_framesLoaded <=_totalFrames){
} else {
  gotoAndPlay("Scene 2", 1);

the above code is just placed on a frame other than the first, and the loop will happen until all of the frames have been loaded...

you can get even fancier, but this is the basic preloader that you can use...

if you have any other question, let me know


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you need to close this question out...

please come back and comment or award the points...

cbittnerAuthor Commented:
Sorry to be late closing this, my company switched email addresses on us and killed forwarding so I wasn't getting email notifications.

thanks for coming back and closing this out...

it really helps the community and this forum...

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