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SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 Processor Choices (Celeron?)

With the new release of the P4 and newer AMD processors, it has become very hard to find processors to get to work with our systems.

Before I keep going, please if your going to post to tell me to upgrade or to switch to another breed of UNIX, please do not post as we cannot change due to the proprietary software that runs on our systems!

My main question is will SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 install on the new Intel Celeron processors?  I know that only 5.0.6+ will install on P4, but I cannot upgrade.  We have been using P3 processors which works great without any problems!

Please any help is appreciated!

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8/22/2022 - Mon

SCO OpenSever 5.0.5  run on Intel Celeron processors have no problem, it might have problem to run with AMD CPU, (A few years ago, I had tried to run SCO 5.0.4 on AMD, no luck).

SCO Openserver 5.0.5 might be able to run with P4, I never test it. (I have not play with SCO for a while now, I used to play a lot !) In the past, SCO always can run on Intel base CPU.


SCO 5.0.5 cannot run on a P4.  You are to have 5.0.6+.


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Our software intergrates with the uucp system, as well as many standard UNIX applications.  Many times when you upgrade to a new version of UNIX (especially SCO historically), paths change, libraries are different, different calls, etc.  That would require me to have different versions of the same application derived among different systems, or upgrade all systems, which can be a heart attack waiting to happen with the cost of licenses, cost of time, etc; not to mention the cost of reprogramming the applications.
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You may want to reference the following:


Has some info on the P4 and Openserver 5.

Good Luck.

I used to work for a Software Co. And writting application  for SCO (many years ago), I know upgrade from SCO 3.x to SCO 5.x need a lot of work, but for SCO 5.x, (5.0.0 , 5.0.2, 5.0.4, 5.0.5)from my memory we have to do nothing. (The application use mail, uucp, datebase, and a lot of dump terminals!)

I think you can use SCO 5.0.5 for SCO 5.0.6 (just give SCO a call), you have to pay the upgrade license only if you are in the older release (3.x,4.x etc)

You can do a test first.

Good luck!


I have already seen that URL. Thanks though!

The upgrade from 5.0.4 to 5.0.5 was terrible.  SCO moved all its system files to new paths and make the links.  This made backups a bear since when trying to extract a backup on a new machine, the files would be placed in odd places on the system and would require more clean up then help.  This would make things such as uucp not work correctly since it still saw the old Systems, Devices, Dialcodes, etc files.
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Hi wtconway,

   Are you a software developer?

   I forgot to mention SCO have a very bad reputation in OS upgrade installation.

   If you want to uprgard OS, don't run an OS upgrade install on top of the existing HD !.

   Get a new HD, do a fresh install for the newer version of the OS first.
   Then system configuration files (uucp, mmdf, user account infor ... etc ) use "cpio" or "tar"

   I used to do all these kind of configuration via script,
(setup modem,uucp,mmdf,terminals, printers etc). and they all behave the same for all SCO 5.0.x.

   If you are the end user, it might not worth to spend time to finger out what configuration files to be copied to the new HD.

   Good luck!

I am a software developer.  I have never used a software upgrade, not on any machine using any OS.

I am answering you as the correct answer.  I really needed to know if SCO will run on the new Celeron processors.