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Firewall - Only . Only allow certain .exe on Client Computer to log in.

I am running Windows2000 server., connected to the internet via a router.

I would like to install a firewall to only allow the client logging in to be running my program on THEIR computer.  eg   client.exe

The client.exe program running on their computer will allways be logging in on port 1002., winsock.
My program client.exe has a login to the server which is encrypted, and the program is unable to proceed without

Unfortunately i will also have to have access, from only my computer, using pcanywhere.


Which firewall program would you recommend i buy for this

Appreciate any help
1 Solution
First, you will get many suggestions but I personally only use hardware-based firewalls.  At a minimum, use a stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall (ICSA firewall certified...) if possible.

One problem with running software based firewalls is that there are many factors that the software must take into consideration (i.e. do you have 3 NIC's and an anti-virus software package running on the machine and is there a vulnerability on a particular NIC or 3rd party software package that compromises the system, etc.).  Another problem (particularly on the system that you are trying to protect) is that attacks are being launched directly on the system that you are trying to protect.  

Second, it really depends on how 'good' of a firewall you want, what additional features you really need and how much you want to spend.  Your mentioned requirements are very basic and almost any firewall should be able to fit the bill.  You can spend as little as $80 (Linksys) or as much as you want... I personally use Cisco PIX, SonicWALL and WatchGaurd, but again, you will get many opinions of which is better than the others...

One comment though on your requirement to "only allow the client logging in to be running my program on THEIR computer".  You will most likely be using port forwarding to achieve the results you are looking for and so you will be opening the port (1002) to your server... the problem is that this port could be used for other applications or attacks.  That is one reason to use an SPI firewall.

Hope this helps

kennedymrAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your advice. , much appreciated

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