Creating a Survey in Flash MX

Hi All,

I am wondering if it is possible to create a survey in Flash MX and Cold Fusion Server 5 that would collect data via a Flash based form, quantify the data and output the results (in graphical format as well - if possible).

Here's the breakdown:
1. Create a form based survey in Flash with x number of questions. For now, let's say the questions conditional (Yes or No). Let's say each 'Yes' question is = 5 points, while each 'No' = 0.

2. After submitting the form, calculate the total points and have that total be displayed on either a a new Flash page or on an area in the original Flash form. If the output is posted on the original Flash form, the form fields would have to be reset.

Assuming that all of the above is possible (and I'm hopeful that it is), here are a few items that I would also like to ask:

1. What other tools would be required, e.g. Generator?
2. Are there any issues using Flash MX and CF Server 5 for this app? Would it be better to keep everything in the MX family?
3. What is the difficulty involved considering that I'm an intermediate Flash user?
4. Are there any misc. resources that you could recommend?

Thank you in advance.
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1) MX & CFM ... done!

2) u create the complete Q/A interface in flash and use the coldFusion to take care of the forms (submitted) & inserting data etc. well, i have to say i don't know anything about coldfusion, just don't the money and not many clients are willing to spend money to do things where we can get it done completely without using CF, as a matter facts for what u want, it can be done, using php,mySql and flash only - everything is free (except flash u have to buy the application, but no charge for the server)

3)if u know basic flash action script ... no problem at all, forget about the design and interface, the logic can be done in 1 hr :)

4)hmmm ... not right now, but have u try to searh flashkit or something to get some example and source.

... see in ur case, u only need to add/minus all the scores in flash and send the final score + user info etc to the CFM.

so in ur movieclip u have say 10 key frame, each frame has 1 question & 2 choices etc, use the flash option button to get the answer, create a button to accept the answer, once clicked, check for the correct answer, add the pts to the /:root_score, then goto next question ...

last frame, but a little form to ask user info etc, then with a submit button ... click click...

// submit with MX is very easy
//construct a LoadVars();
myQA = new LoadVars();
myQA.username = /:txtUsername;
myQA.emailAddress = /:txtEmail;
myQA.score = /:finalScore;

// the next thing u need is to fetch the posted data in ur CFM ... DONE...


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henryww has answered most of ur questions and his answer is great. Well u don't need to keep everything to the MX family (flash MX and CF MX) unlessing u are doing flash remoting. The software u are using will be good enough.
thanks elhy ... but i am sure with ur help we can get this one done easily ... u have cf experience right, and i don't even have a clue

;) yeah...I'm actually a programmer. Quite familiar with CF, ASP and flash. Though not an expert ;)
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