Web Proxy fails to bind its socket and Proxy chain loop

I have a Windows 2000 box with Small Business Server 2000. It has two NICs. 1- WAN Internet, 2-office LAN. I have a problem with event id 14148 in Microsoft Web Proxy. The description is the web proxy service failed to bind its socket to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (the WAN IP address) on port 80. The thing is, it DOES seem to be binding to the WAN IP on port 80. I ran a port information program and it shows w3proxy waiting on the WAN IP, port 80.

Unless I'm mistaken (and I could be) I want it (w3proxy) binding to the LAN NIC not the WAN. The problem it causes is that Inetinfo can't grab port 80 on the WAN side to serve web pages like it should. w3proxy and Inetinfo seem to be fighting over port 80 on the WAN IP. If I stop w3proxy, Inteinfo will take the WAN IP over on port 80, but if I restart w3proxy, it takes over again.

(I'm going to give several pieces of information because I have a hunch they're connected, but don't know for sure. )

In a related note, I also have event id 14141 - proxy chain loop. I have a routing policy error apparently. I have only 2 rules and a Last Default rule. I can give more info on that if needed. I don't know if that's related to the event 14148.

In Microsoft's Technet, I read that 14141 chain loop can be related to a bad NIC or high network traffic on the NIC. In the SBS Administrator console Health monitor, there are two critical alerts on the NetworkInterface. On the first, the threshold info is "Bytes Total/sec > 500000" Network Interface Critical Condition WMI status: 2147749889. The second one is also "Critical" The threshold  says: "Error Code (from WMI)" and it gives the same alert as #1. Looking at the hub, I see no major traffic, certainly not "> 500000 B/s". It's a small office, less than 8 PCs.

That's all I have for now.
I'm all ISA'd out. Hope you can help.

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night_monkeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
from microsoft:

ISA Server and IIS Server
The Web Proxy service (w3proxy) of Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server runs as a Windows 2000 service. The process is initialized by starting the Web Proxy service. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) can be installed on an ISA Server computer, but it is not required.

You can configure ISA Server to listen for incoming Web requests and outgoing Web requests on different ports, by configuring the properties in Servers and Arrays. For example, by default, ISA Server listens for outgoing Web requests on TCP port 8080. In this way, ISA Server ensures that outgoing Web requests do not interfere with Web publishing on port 80. For configuration instructions, see Configure the TCP port.

If IIS is installed on the ISA Server computer, you can publish IIS by configuring Web publishing rules. In this case, IIS must be configured not to use the ports that ISA Server uses for outgoing Web requests (by default, port 8080) and for incoming Web requests (by default, port 80). For example, you can change IIS to listen on port 81. Then you can configure the ISA Server computer to listen for incoming Web requests on port 80 and create a Web publishing rule that directs the incoming Web requests to port 81 on the local IIS server. For more information, see Web publishing rules. For a scenario illustrating this, see Web server on the ISA Server computer.

Alternatively, IIS can continue to listen for incoming Web requests on port 80. In this case, configure an Internet Protocol (IP) packet filter, which maps incoming requests on TCP port 80 to IIS. For more information, see IP packet filters. For a scenario illustrating this, see Using packet filters to publish a Web server on the ISA Server computer

To avoid any potential conflict between ports used by ISA Server and those used by IIS, the setup program stops the World Wide Web Publishing service (w3svc). After ISA Server is installed, you can change IIS to listen on a different port and then restart the IIS publishing service.


please forgive me if this rehashes what you've already concluded. i didn't see any indication that you tried to reconfigure the services, only that you stopped the w3proxy service. i could be wrong, which is why i ask for your gracious forgiveness if i'm in error.

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