Outlook calendar in mailbox and pst

Delivery point is set to pst because the psts get very large. Some of our users have several psts consisting of 2GB each. We simply cannot put everyone on the server, so by default all delivery is set to psts.

Since delivery is set to pst, all calendar updates (meetings/appointments) go straight to the pst calendar.
This is fine for most users, but for management, they have secretaries who update their calendars, which have to be on the server. How can I go about getting this to work right?

Some previous post suggested using the rule wizard, but that doesn't seem to work for me. Problem being I can't get the rule wizard to directly update the calendar on the server. All I have been able to do is move the mails that contain meeting requests/etc back to the server inbox, but that's not a satisfactory solution.

Traval's suggestion to leaving delivery to the server and manually moving items to psts won't help because the sent items folder on the server itself would get too large. We have to limit users to 10MB space on the server, and this fills up really fast. We cannot expect our users to manually clean out the sent items folder or move items from the sent folder to the pst.
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Question - why do most users have mailboxes gigs in size?

Personally, I would set up a policy that the majority of users have a restricted mailbox size, with only certain power users i.e. IT staff and direcors (plus maybe senior management) having unlimited space (within reason).
Also, on a yearly basis, educate users to archive old mail into PST files and after a week or two, manually clean the server of old mail.  PST files can be cut onto CD and stored elsewhere (what I do for archived inbound/outbound mail).  Sounds brutal, but it is a necessity as we don't have unlimited server space!!

As you are aware, you can only share mailboxes/calenders that are stored on the Exchange Server.  Directors that have secretaries putting in appointments should use the server to store all their mail and manually archive off large emails to PST files.
I know it is a culture change, but, it's better in the long run!!
kayuAuthor Commented:
Well we're a broadcasting company. A lot of large files (audio/video/presentations) go into mail.

Set up 2382348 rules and set delivery point to server?
Is there no easier solution to this?
You don't have to set up any rules.  In Outlook, you just set the default delivery location and get people to manually archive off stuff.

Can't the attachments be saved to a file server (attachments are needed to be viewed by more than one person) or just locally to the user's dekstop/laptop?

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