DOS Hack using Windows

I was in a computer lab during class and one of hte students made a windows message pop up on everyone's screen. It said:

Windows Message
From TC00123 to WORKGROUP (or something like this)
then a brief message regarding class
at the bottom of the small window was a OK button

I won't to know how he did this so I can mess with my family on my network at home???
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Click Start | Run | "Cmd"

use any of the commands

net send login message
eg., net send gbawler311 "Hello!"
net send computername message
net send TC00123 "Hello!"

net send /domain:"Hello!"
net send /users "Hello!" (message to connected users)

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For the class, you can stop it if you want by disabling the Messenger service.
qbawler311Author Commented:
Ok thanks, sramesh2k you answered correctly and will get the points.  I just have one more quick question.  Is there anyway I can specify the place the message came from.  Instead of it saying my computer name is there any way a can specify a name that the message is from.
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Be carefull with this!!! I was "net send"ing a freind and sent out a msg to my entire company... around 30 floors of people, NOT COOL
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To know which user has sent the msg?

Click start | run | cmd
type "NBTSTAT -a <ComputerName>"

replace the <computername> with actual name u seen in messenger service window.
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