Edit boot.ini under Windows 98

Where can I find this elusive boot.ini file under windows 98. i successfully found and edited it in windows xp so i could get win98 back again..but then i found 98 was corrupt so i reinstalled and now i have the same problem in reverse - cant get winxp at startup. I dont want to change the default os - just want access to xp
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zephyrdudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since you reinstalled Win98, it creamed the dual boot setup.  You'll have to run the Recovery Console by booting to the XP install CD and use the FIXBOOT option offered. When booting, ignore the first option to Repair the system and proceed as if to reinstall completely.  When you get the second option to do a repair, that's the one you want.  It will redetect all OS's and alter the boot.ini file as needed.

There are other ways to do this also.  Harder would be to reinstall XP since it would automatically set up your dual boot again.  Using a 3rd party Boot Manager would also work fine.

It has also been done manually but with mixed results and generally a very arduous task.
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