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will someone tell me wht the minimum requirements are to install windows 2000 professional? Will a P-1 MMX with under 200 MHZ do???
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Here you go

I would say it would run... Would struggle but would run.
Win2K can run on a machine under 200Mhz, but it will run very very slowly. The minimum requirement for win2k to run smoothly is at least PIII with minimum 128MB RAM. If you are using pentium under 200Mhz, your best bet is Win95/Win98/WinNT.
I disagree slightly. In my experience the major contributing factor to Win2K's performance is RAM--so long as you have enough of that (and 128Mb is a reasonable minimum, no matter what Microsoft have to say on the matter) then 2K should run fine on your system, even with the slow CPU.
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Hi pjknibbs, as I've said, Win2k can run on the machine under 200Mhz, but it will run very slow. As the machine is under 200Mhz, I think the most RAM the motherboard for the processor(below 200Mhz) can support is 128MB, so it will definitely run very very slow. As we all know, Window OS is very memory hungry, so the minimum to run Win2K smoothly is 128MB.
I have successfully installed an entire lab classroom of all Pentium-166 computers running Win2000.  The boot up time was the only slow part of the operating system.  The systems all had 128MB of memory.  They were perfectly usable for basic web surfing and the class's testing and demo programs.  Obviously you can forget 3D games but for casual use a P-166 will suffice.
Extra RAM is a winner here. 256MB is dirt cheap at the moment.
I have successfully ran a Win2000 system with Pentium 133 Mhz CPU.

I think I remember that 133 Mhz is the minimum, and that 64 MB is minimum for RAM.
I successfully ran my system with this 133 Mhz CPU and 48 MB of RAM.
However I had a 10000rpm SCSI disk helping out for the lack of 16 MB RAM. I think it was pretty good, but it wont be the fastest system on this planet.

However you will get a speed boost just changing from a 128 MB RAM system to a 256 MB RAM with Win2000 (my own experience). But changing to a higher amount of memory will not necessarily give you that big speedboost (maybe no visible change at all), but you will be able to run smoother with heavy applications like Photoshop, or if you are compiling computer applications (memory hungry applications).

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