opening ASP page through C program.

I have to make a C program which will open the ASP page of the a domain server( which i out of my controle)
Normally when i open it with my IE then it shows next botton after clicking it asks for the email id, then for contry code, then the page which i really wanted.
I need to open this page directly on my home page.

I tried to pass the arguments in the address bar but it doesnt worked.(as it was calling some methods)

Now My question is that Is there any way to pass all arguments to that asp program and open the page i need in a single click.  is there any function like HTRequest ,HTProfile_newPreemptiveClient,HTPrint_setCallback ..... and how to use those function to open http page in C program??

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there is one way apart from writing the C program, u can save the page locally and change the html to have ur email id predefined. once u have that change the form's action method to reflect the complete URL instead of a relative URL. this should solve your problem.

if u give me the url and i can change the html to suit ur requirements.
pssolankiAuthor Commented:
I had tried it but the link for that page is same and defininf emailid into the page doesnt help. It directs to the starting page only.
Souldnt be unless they use session variables if thats so then ur c program wont work. can u pass the link so that i can try and get back? leave it on
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pssolankiAuthor Commented:
ok take this link for an example which scans your desktop
i want to scan the desktop directly without entering any parameters.
it happens only when we do it more than once but i need it to do on the first click.

can u suggest anything about this??
Souldnt be unless they use session variables if thats so then ur c program wont work. can u pass the link so that i can try and get back? leave it on

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