Audion content only... no video content

Hi all, I have a AVI or MPEG file format. I am trying to see the contains of the file by doble clicking the file.

I have served the microsoft support home pages,   many many times. But the only things I can get from there is to downaload the codec which I don't know what is that.

And from the documentation, it say it's because of my security level in the IE set too high, or my network is conjusted...bla bla... but friends, I am running this in local machine, where come the conjustion of my network.

So, I hope somebody out there can help me to share your experience with me to solve this problem.

Thank yoy.
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First of all, what player are you playing the movie with? If it is window media player, what version is it? You can download the latest version of Window Media Player, that is WMP9.

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For divx codec, get it from .
Use GSpot from to find what codec the movie file is using.
Go here to find most general codec for movie file.
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if it still doesn't work, download and install it. then it should work after.
I think the file u r try to play is a MP4 file try to get the codec for it....
Try changing the video options for Windows Media Player:

1.       Start Windows Media Player.

2.       On the Tools menu, Options.

3.       Click the Performance tab.

4.       In the Video Performance section, select a higher Hardware Acceleration setting.

If this does not help, update teh video card drivers or reload it.
wjh7554Author Commented:
Friends, thanks for your time.

I am playing the AVI file in Media Player 6.41.

When I try to open the file, some error come out.
I have search the Help File in the Media Player and got the things that I want. "Only receive Audio content and no video content". But the solution mean nothing to me...

Well, le me try one by one the codec.

But none of you have thins kind of problem meh??


You sounds like asia ppl talking style "But none of you have thins kind of problem meh??" :) Where are u from ?

But any way we I do encounter this problem late time when play those MP4 files. After have install the codec from it works perfectly.

Hi wjh7554 and chwan,

Are you both from asian also? I'm from Malaysia. How about you guys? wjh7554, I do encounter some problem like this before, but I manage to solve it after downloading all the video codec such as divX, and codec from microsoft. After that, everything is solved. Besides, I also used a software called EoVideo and I found it quite a good player.
Yeah I m from malaysia KL...

I just join recently....
wjh7554Author Commented:
friends, I found out the solutions from the web-stes.

the exact file that I have downloaded is this.

This file I downloaded from Canon websites which the files is capture by using their camera.

So, guys, I am from KL, Malaysia. More specific is Subang. chwan, you are from which part of KL. Surprise to see Malaysian in here. :-)

ShadowWorrior, how about you??

This is my email address,

Thank you.

I'm from malacca. Nice to know both of you. My e-mail is . Drop me a mail or 2 when you guys are free...
chwanCommented: is my e-mail
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