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How to use a recordset as rowsource for a listbox


I am migrating an Access2k app to SQL server. The old app was feeding a list box via VBA in the style :
    query = "SELECT * FROM table"

the WHERE clause is dynamicaly constructed by a function within VBA so that on different events the listbox's rowsource is
    me.listbox.rowsource = query & createwhereclause()

The question is how can I change this in order to have the query executed on the server ?

I would be able to do the same using recordsets by I could not get the rowsource to accept the recordset as valid input.

Thanks for the help,
1 Solution
I suggest you feed the listbox with a pass-thru query, which you can change programatically.

Something like this:

Dim qd As QueryDef

Set qd = CurrentDb.QueryDef("MyPassThruQuery")

qd.SQL = "Select * from table where ..."

The listbox's rowsource will never change, but you will change the SQL for the query, so you will need to requery the control:


msdn link is no longer available

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