Changing password of db2admin

1) We are having DB2 7.2 EE on win NT 4 & win 2000 systems

2) From client configuration assistant, I removed all databases including local servers DWCTRLD & SATCTLDB.

3) While adding DWCTRLDB and testing, I changed password from db2admin to some other one. This applied to all additions & testing for all other databases in all instances.

4) After this I went in control center and under instance DB2, I chose stop while disconnecting all applications.

5) Now when I try to start, I get message as follows:
DB2 : The service did not start due to a logon failure.
SQL1042C  An unexpected system error occurred.  SQLSTATE=58004

6) How do we manage to use a different password by avoiding above error.

7) For all databases I chose db2admin/db2admin as username/password during installation in a check box. Can I not have different passwords for each db2admin under each database.

8) How do I have different user names other than db2admin for each database. Do I have to create so many users at OS level with 2+4 rights.

9) During installation unless I check in box mentioned in 7), I am unable to go ahead.

10) I need different named users for each database so that I can do client authentication.
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k_murli_krishnaAuthor Commented:
11) The DB2 - DB2, DB2 - DB2CTLSV & DB2 - DB2DAS00 services have stopped and on starting I get error:
Error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure.

12) Now I realized that I have not changed the password of user db2admin at OS level and changed at OS level also. I logged off and logged in with changed password of db2admin

13) Still 11) repeats and now I have restarted the system but still the same error i.e. as in 11).

14) Please help me avoid a reinstall.
Here's what to do when you change the instance owner's

On win2k the management console (right click on
'my computer', select 'manage').
Open 'Services and Applications'-->'Services' to
get a list of services. In that list, locate all
services which log on as the instance owner. On my
machine this is 'DB2 - DB2', 'DB2 - DB2DAS00',
'DB2 JDBC Applet Server - Control Center'. Right click on
each of these services and select 'properties'.
In the properties window, select the 'Log On' tab and
change the password to be used for log on to the
current password of the instance owner.

7) A database is created under a DB2 instance. The
instance owner (db2admin) has full privileges for
all databases created under the instance. There is
only a single db2admin, because users in DB2 are
OS users (like OPS$ users in Oracle).

8) If you have several databases under a single
instance but want users other than the instance
owner to have admin privileges on those databases,
1. create an OS user for each DB admin
2. Grant admin privileges to the users. E.g.
'grant dbadm on database to user topdba'

Alternatively you could create a user group (e.g. dba)
in your OS and then grant dbadm to that group.

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Of course, when talking about about authorities and privileges, it is wise to remember that whenever you create a database with DB2, the group PUBLIC, is created with connect privileges, among others. Since all users belong to group PUBLIC, it is wise to revoke all from PUBLIC
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k_murli_krishnaAuthor Commented:
Thank you mglxxx, I made it okay on win NT as well. Please look at all my other questions and put a comment including my latest one i.e. Import from non-delimited ASCII file.
k_murli_krishnaAuthor Commented:
Thank you ghp7000 as well. You added a nice point. Please look at my questions for which you posted comments and new ones. mglxxx and you are a big help i will always remember & at the end of it all i will have points for both of you questions.
k_murli_krishnaAuthor Commented:
In services, changing password worked but do I have to change password at OS level also or changing in services automatically changes that one as well.
The two don't have any connection. If you change
the password in services, you need to change the
OS password and vice versa.
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