Automated FTP?? is it possible

Hi, I have been given a vb application(exe file) that I am told uses ftp to automatically to send a file from a clients machine to a webserver, ie upload a file that will be used by the website. The user litteraly selects the file from his~her machine via the application gui and presses send. Is it really possible to use vb to make such and automated ftp function.

I also have to access a database on the webserver from a remote client and change certain records using a vb application. Can anybody tell me how this is achieved, whats involved or point me in the direction of any good reading material.

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that's the class I usually use for ftp tranfers. As for the connection to an online database; I don't think that's possible, I haven't come across any code that did that at least.

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hi the way i use ftp as in to an ftp server not a web server is to use the winsock control.

the database will probably either be microsoft sql server or mysql (i have never used microsoft sql but i think you use the microsoft OLE data control (adodc) to connect to it then use sql to change the records) if the server is mysql then there is an odbc vb connector (

for the winsock control check out
and for mysql

hope that helps
You may be interested in checking out some very affordable controls that handle a variety of programming functions including mail, webmail, ftp, zip, xml, and encryption (to name the ones I can remember).

Some of the programs are free and all you pay for is support (which is excellent) - and that's optional.  I have no interest in the company except to say that the software is well supported and I have tried a few of the components and am very hapyp with them (mail and xml).

just my two cents... not an answer
I used the Win API for internet to create an automated FTP.   I can send you the Class if you would like.
williery10Author Commented:
Thanks for all the help guys, all have been a great help on both questions
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