Connection Error

1) We are having DB2 7.2 EE server on win NT 4 & win 2000

2) My friend started replication from source to target involving databases in the same DB2 instance of the same server.

3) I stopped the database manager forcing disconnect all applications accidentally. Now whatever I do I get the following error:

4) D:\PROGRA~1\SQLLIB\BIN>db2 list applications
SQL30081N  A communication error has been detected.  Communication protocol being used: "*".  Communication API being used: "*".  Location where the error was detected: "".  Communication function detecting the error: "create_agent".
Protocol specific error code(s): "54", "*", "*".  SQLSTATE=08001

5) The service for DB2 instance in control panel services shows as being stopped but when I try to start it shows it is already started.

6) Please help me avoid reinstall and restore processes.
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Have you tried to re boot the machine?
k_murli_krishnaAuthor Commented:
Yes I rebooted the machine and it has got solved. Does any inconsistency go away by a system reboot like this one. Actually the procedure for reboot or shutdown of system is:

> db2 list applications

If there are no applications, then

> db2stop

If there are running applications, can we go to control center, right click on each instance & stop the database manager forcing disconnect all applications like what i have done in this case.

In command window, db2stop will stop database manager for all instances where as in control center, we have to do it individually for each instance???
k_murli_krishnaAuthor Commented:
Please have a look at all my questions with or without comment. Latest one is 'Import from non-delimited ASCII file'.
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If you want to use the command line to forcibly disconnect applications from the database, you have a number of options. Please see the FORCE APPLICATION command for full details on how to use this command. As far as Control center is concerned, I have never used the CC to disconnect applications, but I'm sure it can be done.

In some cases, it may be impossible to kill active connections to the database. This usually happens when the DB2 agents get 'lost' in the instance's memory structures. This is what most likely happended in the case you describe above. If you have the database manager running at diaglevel 4, you may see some information messages in the db2diag.log file to help you diagnose what happended.

When you cannot shut down the instance or force all the applications off the database, you have 2 options:
issue db2_kill, this should force all the agents off the database and shut down the DB2 operating system services.
This avoids rebooting the machine, but IBM does not warranty the use of db2_kill.
Second option is to reboot the machine.

Depending upon some configuration parameters, crash recovery if needed will be initiated by the dbm to restore consistency. Of course, if you kill a long running update/insert query, some records may be written to the tables and some may not, depending upon the auto commit setting or program code.


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To stop an instance from command line:
set db2instance=DB2

k_murli_krishnaAuthor Commented:
ghp7000, thank you very much. I will give more points but I have one last doubt.

1) When I use db2 list applications, db2stop and db2start in command window, it works for all instances nicely i.e. both services are start or stop at a time.

2) When I use your indiviual instance method, it is as follows:
set db2instance=DB2
db2start are okay. But

set db2instance=DB2CTLSV
db2stop is okay, but
SQL5043N  Support for one or more communications protocols failed to start successfully. However, core database manager functionality started successfully.

What does this error signify and how can it be solved. The services are starting/stopping w.r.t. corresponding instances being started/stopped.
Yes, all this means is that the DB2COMM parameter is not set or set incorrectly. Issue:
db2 set -all
What is the value of DB2COMM? If it is not present, or set to anything other than TCPIP, you will get the above message.
To set the parameter, issue:
The DB2CTLSV instance is set up by default when you intsall DB2. You can avoid this (in some DB2 releases) by choosing CUSTOM setup when you install DB2.
Use db2set -h for help on using this command.
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