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MS Access to use a DLL I created in C++!

I created a dll (dialog) in C++, and I don't know if Visual Basic can link to a DLL (created in VC++).  Is there a way?

Thanks in Advance!

1 Solution
Register the DLL (regsvr32 dllpath/dllname) and reference it from the VB project just like any other dll.

Alternative ways to access it include delaring it just like an api function within the VB project, but thats excessive, given a simple reference will work.

drydenhogg,  that will ONLY work IF the C++ DLL has in fact been created as a COM compliant DLL, and most C++ DLLs ARE NOT COM-compliant.  The second option requires that the EXPORTS from the C++ code be properly declared, to be accessible from your VBA code.

loudogzAuthor Commented:
Arthur Wood!

I found out from the documentation that you have you declare your dll.  It's not exactly clear how.... I guess my questio is how do you declare a mfc dialog dll from visual basic and how do you call it?...Has anyone done this before...

Thanks for all the replies so far!

What you need to do is export functions.  I prefer creating a definition file (.def) with an EXPORTS section.

In there, you export a function that does the call to the MFC dialog.  That is all.  VB does not have to know about this.  Example (I don't know MFC so I will not show MFC-related code):

BOOL ShowDialog(DataStruct* pData)
    //Here you put the code for initializing and showing the dialog
    return TRUE;

Then, in VB, you need to add a Declare statement:

Type DataStruct
End Type

Declare Function ShowDialog Lib "Mydll.dll"(ByRef pData as DataStruct) As Long

Now you are able to use the ShowDialog function. :)
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