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I am a hater of everything XP, however it does have one feature i like, fast user switching.

Is there any way for to either get something like this running on 2000 pro or to maybee use 2000 server and somehow use a terminal services desktop as the main desktop, i currently just have a restricted user log on and load up 2 terminal services clients then i switch between the two, but this isn't optimal as the display is only 256 colour and its not very good for games.

I have offered 50 points for anyone who can help me get fast user switching using terminal services, and if anyone can help me get it working under 2000pro then i will give you a further 25 points. (sorry, i only have 75 points avalible)
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Problem you'll have there is that the Terminal Services protocol (RDP 5.0) which shipped with Windows 2000 did not allow more than 256 colours--this feature was only added with version 5.1, which shipped with XP. As far as I know there is no way to install the newer server on the old OS, so you will be limited to 256 colours even if you find a way to do what you want.

Thing is, why are you so hung up about XP? The two most annoying features (the Toytown user interface and the redesigned Start menu) can both be switched to look just like Windows 2000 did; so once you've done that, what's the problem? You can pretend XP is 2K and there'll be nothing to tell you any different.
koolmikeAuthor Commented:
Well, firstly XP only runs on systems where 100% of the hardware was designed for XP, otherwise it crashes a hell of a lot. and secondly, even when it does run its more resource hungry than 2k.

Also, thanks for trying everyone (yeh right!) but i eventually found a solution to it, if anyone else is looking for something similar then heres the URL:

there's a shareware version on their website, and i'm still looking for a crack... but i think i know where i can get one so thats not a problem.
koolmikeAuthor Commented:
also, anyone wana tell me how to close this question as i've found the solution myself
Post a zero-point question in Community Support (including a link back to this question) asking them to refund your points and put the question in PAQ, since the answer you found might be useful for someone else later.
PAQ'd and points refunded.  

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