Windows XP usage in a Win2K Domain (Software Policy)


I would like to know how I can grant access to some users who wants to connect their PDA or Digital Camera to their PC because it seems that only Administrators can do this under XP and obviously I can't grant them Admin Rights ?

Thanks in advance
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Ghost_HackerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That command is

hotsync.exe -r    

it doesn't read to well above.
The palm pilot software installs a driver that must be installed by an admin account. It possible other devices need the same access. In the case of palm software I had to install the software ,FOR EACH USER, by making them a admin while I did the install and then "demoting" them after the install was compteted.

You may be stuck doing the installs yourself if local admin rights are not something your willing to give your users.

Good Luck :-)

afro_beAuthor Commented:
1° Can they then use all the Palm features such as Hotsync with Outlook ?

2° Can this be done for any applications such as Nortan Anti-virus ?

In the mean time I will try your suggestion and keep you informed.

Thanks ;-)
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Here's the info I used:

To allow a user with no Admin rights to run the Palm Desktop software you need to do the following:

1. Install Palm Desktop whilst logged in as Admin
2. Run Regedit and export the following branch to a Registration file:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/U.S. Robotics/Palm Desktop
3. Restart and log in as the normal user
4. Shut down Hotsync Manager if it is running
5. Double-click the exported Registration file to import the settings into
the normal user's registry profile
6. Start up the Hotsync Manager

Or ,after installing, login as the user and run "hotsync.exe -r" froma command prompt. That will also copy the needed reg entries into the user's "profile".

As for Norton it should by default run for every user who logins in. Also some apps have an option to "install for all users".
Oh one other thing ( it may not be clear from the above post)  

If you give the users admin rights for the install (which  you'll be performing as them) then, after your done and you've "demoted" them, you won't need to do any of the above steps beacuse the reg entries should already be there.

The above steps are used only if you install the Palm as yourself and then want other normal users to be able to access it.
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