Which browsers support http_refer

Does anyone know if http_refer (request server variables) is supported by all browsers.

Can you point me to a site that lists browsers that can support http_ refer.
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it is a variable read by the sever. I think most browswers support it ie it is the refering url.

on the server you can see the server variables:

for each fld in request.servervariables
response.write fld & " = " & request.servervariables(fld) & vbVrLf

The referer is part of the HTTP protocol. Browsers should support it. The referer is send along with the HTTP request for the url (just like cookies, browser-version etc).
IE 3 has a bug with the referer in javascript, but probably no-one uses IE 3 anymore.
All major browsers support the HTTP_REFERER.

I believe Netscape isn't compatible with HTTP_REFERER.

My Netscape clients have experienced problems with my sites when I rely on it. Something you may like to consider.


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rahulchandAuthor Commented:
It's true that some browsers cannot support http_referer. Here is an interesting article.


I am after a complete list of browsers that cannot support http_referer on the net. I have been looking for the past 2 days.
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