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How do you manually set up Microsoft Oulook 2000 as your default mail?

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from Internet Explorer
Tools/Internet Options/Programs
Select Outlook

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try this one from Microsoft...

If you have installed multiple e-mail programs on the same computer, when you send mail from any non-mail program the mail may not be sent from Outlook. For example, if you have Outlook, Outlook Express, and Netscape Communicator all installed on the same computer, and you send a message in Microsoft Excel, Outlook may not be used to send the mail. Also, if you click a Mailto: link on a web page, your system may not open an e-mail message, or may use a mail program other than Outlook.

When you send a document from a program by clicking Send on the File menu, or by pointing to Send To on the File menu, and then clicking Mail Recipient , the e-mail program that is set as your default Simple MAPI client is used to send the document.

To change the default mail client in Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer 5
Start Internet Explorer.

On the Tools menu, click Internet Options .

Click the Programs tab.

In the E-mail list, click Microsoft Outlook .

Click OK .


In the Run dialog box, type "regedit" (without the quotation marks), and then click OK.

Click to select the following key in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\classes\mailto\shell\open\command

Right-click the default key, and then click Delete on the shortcut menu.

Exit the Registry Editor.

Re-selecting Outlook as Your E-mail Client in Internet Explorer

To use Outlook as your default e-mail client in Internet Explorer, follow these steps:

Start Internet Explorer.

On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

On the Programs tab, click to select Microsoft Outlook as your E-mail service.

Click OK and close Internet Explorer.

NOTE: If this procedure does not result in opening an Outlook form when you click Reply on an e-mail message, you should repeat the steps in "Removing the Stray Registry Entry" above, but this time, at step 5, change the value of the default key to:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\OUTLOOK.EXE" -c IPM.Note /m "%1"

If necessary, change the path to the OUTLOOK.EXE file to match that on your computer.
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