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Which is best for remotely running a few simple batch file actions on our Win2k Servers in terms of security?

Because these servers are in our DMZ, we will need to open ports..  I know TELNET uses 23, but which does RCMD and RCONSOLE use?

All I need to do is remotely unzip and copy some files (using winzip's command line utility).  Are there any other utilites (command line/scriptable) that would fit the bill for this?

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Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
if you use the cygwin SSHd, you get decent encryption, password protected access, and scp to move files without having to open anything but port 22 inbound to the dmz.
Don't use Telnet. There's lots of issues with security with Telnet. SSH is certainly your best option.

The setup I went with was terminal services (there are clients for all Windows based OS's + Mac) it gives the full GUI.  Then I can access any of the other machines on my cluster without opening potential holes on all of them.

If the scripts are something to run regularly, you might consider setting up a scheduled task to do it for you so a remote login isn't needed.

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